21 August 2011

Their Guy... Our 'Guy.'

This has been around for awhile. But, I want to thank JB for sending it to me. 

It illustrates a point that needs to be made. If you think Russia is no longer a threat, you may want to reconsider that thought.

Vladimir Putin spent 17 years with the Soviet KGB. He didn’t get to where he is today by helping little old ladies across the street. On Putin’s watch, during his KGB days and after, a LOT of people are spending their time in Siberia (if they’re lucky) or have come up dead or missing. Communism in Russia may be history; but the gosbezopasnost (the Kremlin’s political police) has taken over the Kremlin itself, and a gang of over 6,000 former KGB officers are now running the country. I guess you know what that means.

During a press interview with President Putin, a reporter referred to his career as an ex KGB agent, Putin laughed and said there is no such a thing as an ex KGB, “Once KGB always KGB.” (Something about that quote rings a bell with me.) 

There are a WHOLE LOT of ‘Vladimir Putins’ out there. I just use him as an example because there are others that come from different races, different cultures and different countries and they all have one objective in mind -- bootheels on the neck of America.

This is life, folks, and only the strong survive. Or, only the strong survive along with the well-heeled... as long as the money holds out. The ONLY thing that I’ve known that ever insured peace was having superior fire-power. 

Look at the pictures and compare the men (well, at least one of them is a man) and tell me which one is going to win in a hand-to-hand combat situation. Look at the pictures and compare them as if they were America and some other foreign power(s). The pictures become not so humorous, but scary, huh?


  1. OUR ‘GUY’

    In an increasingly, hostile and dangerous World does this illustrate a Nation in denial? Not only do I worry about someone like B.O. ascending to the Presidency but worse, much worse, how he got there! I don’t know how much attention is being paid, to what appears to be a systematic deterioration of our Military, by the General Public. Not only has this Administration implemented programs which will ultimately create social dissension within the “ranks”, for the sake of “Political Correctness” but now remunerative disincentives are being considered! Now, If I must explain the above further you are NOT paying attention or you just don’t understand military life and incentives in an all voluntary service!

  2. Frankly, JB, having watched how the present administration works, I'm wondering if we'll HAVE a military presence AT ALL should the Obimbo Mafia get another four years.

    As you know, Clinton has been working with the UN in bringing the U.S. 'in line with the rest of the world' about gun control. In other words, abolishment of our 2nd amendment THROUGH the UN. Her husband tried and failed going the U.S. route and admitted that it was his downfall. With the UN, it would be a different story.

    The UN is the biggest farce since Obimbo and WE perpetuate it! However, having said that, I now know why -- the New World Order. With the New World Order, our military (as we know it, anyway) would cease to be.

    It wasn't that long ago, when I was a kid, that I read about stuff like this and went, "Naaa... never happen!" Now, I know that it WAS HAPPENING, even then, and the pace is getting even faster.


    Rasmussen Reports:

    Our ‘Guy’; B.O.’s approval has just hit another all time low.

    Strongly Approve 20% - Strongly Disapprove 44%

    Will the situation in Lybia give him a bump? It might but if so it won’t last! As it appears that Lybia may soon be leaderless, is there any way that we could put B.O. on loan to them? Oh, I see, if that happened they would still be leaderless-yeah I get it!

  4. BITTER CLINGER-THE ORIGINAL23 August, 2011 01:53

    Isn’t he cute with his legs crossed as he lollygags with the giggling gals on The View. This must give the likes of Putin one He11 of a bunch of amusement! He makes me want to vomit! A country that would support someone like him deserves what it’s going to get. But it is too bad that we will all suffer from the shortcomings of progressiveness/liberalism GAAAAAGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Rasmussen Reports:

    B.O.’s approval hits an all time, all time low!

    Strongly Approve 19% - Strongly Disapprove 45%

    Well, I guess the expected Libyan “bump” hasn’t taken yet. If it does I still predict that it won’t last.