05 August 2011

Obimbo: "Who You Gonna Believe? Me, Or Your Lying Eyes?!"

Obimbo’s Agenda Is SEIU’s agenda. 
The Obama faction onslaught against America is coming from all sides. 
Just days after Marxist Free Market Saboteur Steve Lerner’s plans for mass May Day national economic disruptions (SEIU’s agenda) have become known via secretly caught exposure of a taped meeting with other extremists, now new evidence implicates the Obama White House in sedition. Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein; his wife Samantha Power, Senior Director of the National Security Council; and Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder are key players in a related plot to dismantle and destroy America’s Constitutional republic. 
Recent audio outlined a very real plan to collapse the American economy -- including crashing the stock market and “bring down the banks” -- in an effort to finally and irrevocably bring about the fundamental change, radical change, Obama promised. 
The sinister plan was set to take place the first week of May… and evidence suggests the plan may go all the way to the White House. Analysis shows a dip in the market the first week of May, partially due to the efforts of this Marxist “celebration” and partially due to George Soros’ Quantum Hedge Fund literally dumping their silver holdings, causing one of the largest silver price crashes in history. The market began following suit, and large scale dumps of most precious metals continued throughout the week, further depressing the already weakened market numbers. 
Steve Lerner is well known in union thug circles as the guy who uses intimidation to ensure success. March 19, 2011 Steve Lerner met with Abby Scher of Brooklyn College CUNY, Gerardo Dominguez of the Mexican Americans Workers Association, John Atols of ACORN and a number of other openly Marxist activists. Surrounded by fellow radicals , Mr. Lerner, unaware he was being recorded, felt comfortable enough to lay out his step by step plan to “put a boot in the wheel” of the American economy – crashing the stock market and orchestrating a complete banking collapse – in an effort to force Marxism upon the masses. 
Here’s an audio of what’s described:

Lerner identified this as a union-driven plan, presumably crafted by his cronies at the SEIU, and he calls for the aid of community organizers. But evidence suggests Lerner may already have the assistance of the Community Organizer in Chief – Barack Hussein Obama. 
White House visitor logs show that Stephen Lerner has visited the White House repeatedly over the last two years. At least one of these visits was arranged by the office of then White House Political Director Patrick Gaspard – one of Lerner’s previous SEIU colleagues and former leader of one of the most notoriously militant SEIU chapters. Gaspard, not coincidentally, is a close Obama advisor who is now the Executive Director of the Democratic National Party and a key player on Obama’s 2012 election team.
Obimbo’s agenda is SEIU’s agenda:
Obama made clear in a now infamous 2008 campaign rally that SEIU’s agenda is his agenda. Obama led a SEIU member chant after recalling how he started his early “organizing career” with SEIU troops on the ground, and went on to declare, “Just imagine what we can do together. Just imagine a President whose life’s work is your (SEIU’s) work”! It seems we no longer need to imagine.
The present occupant of the Oval Office has brought sedition to the presidency — the highest office in the land. Barack Obama’s own front group “Organizing for America” helped stage the recent Wisconsin “Days of Rage” protests that were notable for union-led violence, death threats and radical acts of intimidation, and now it appears he and his administration may be connected to a far-left coalition actively plotting to collapse the American economy. 
In normal circumstances, we could count on the Department of Justice to investigate and uphold the rule of law. But alas, as we have seen with Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute colleagues, supporters and friends of Obama, including the election fraud and racist thuggery at the hands of the New Black Panthers, the once venerable DOJ is a rogue agency in a rogue administration, and can no longer be trusted to do its duty. Why have not the murky, possibly orchestrated causes behind the terrible economic crisis of the 2008 national fiscal collapse been investigated and disclosed to the nation? 

In case you think the SEIU is some peripheral out-of-the-mainstream organization: The SEIU devoted $28 million to Obama’s campaign, making the SEIU “the organization that spent the most to help Barack Obama get elected president.” Furthermore, who is Obama’s favorite White House guest and one of his closest confidants? Which individual has visited the Obama White House the most... well, how about SEIU President Andy Stern? 

He’s visited 53 times -- and counting. Obama is closely linked with the SEIU. The SEIU is closely linked with Communists.
This is no longer a matter of speculation. The Marxist plan to smash our commercial republic is alive and active within the corridors of power in America as never before. The plan to launch their latest assault on these United States was scheduled for, of course, May Day -- May 1, 2011-- and was sounded to their foot soldiers as a very real and potentially calamitous call to harm our nation. While the capture and death of Osama bin Laden took center stage for the media on May 1, the demonstrations by these avowed radial Marxist took place throughout the U.S. You can be assured they are now making plans to launch this assault another day.
The party sort of took a back-seat to everything when Obozo SINGLE HANDEDLY took bin Laden out on the very day of their big uprising. He just killed (literally) all the fun.

I don’t know how it could be explained any better.
We were warned when Obama first appeared on the national scene that he was at the least an academic Marxist surrounded by radicals, and a menace to the security, sovereignty and prosperity of the nation. Now there is evidence in abundance to confirm that judgment.


  1. Obama: “SEIU’s agenda is my agenda”. I have no problem picturing B.O. as a happy rest room attendant and SEIU member. Yes sir I think that fits!

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    Is Obama actually qualified to be a “restroom attendant”?