28 August 2011

It Must Be Nice To Pick And Choose.

Let’s see... the nation went for three days (Friday, 05 August until Monday, 08 August) without hearing from her leader when America’s credit rating went from AAA to AA+. The stock market was in chaos, as were the citizens.

Not a word. 

Friday evening came and went. 

Not a word. 

Okay, we’ll hear something Saturday. Everyone was SURE that we’d hear some sort of comment on Saturday. 

All day Saturday and up into the evening... nothing.

Not a word.

Well... Sunday! It’ll be Sunday! I mean, any RESPONSIBLE LEADER would come forward with SOME SORT OF RESPONSE to calm this thing down.

Nope. Not a word.

All day Sunday and up into the evening... again, nothing.

THEN, Monday, we FINALLY hear something. I use the word ‘something’ because I still haven’t figured out exactly what it was. ‘Something’ could be defined as as nothing more than a pep rally. And, not too good a one at that.

Now, all of a sudden, the headlines scream OBAMA TAKES CHARGE AT HURRICANE COMMAND CENTER!

Yep. According to news.yahoo.com “Obama returned home one night early on Friday from his island vacation on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts and appeared keen to be visibly in charge as the response to Hurricane Irene unfolds.” 

I especially like the ‘appeared keen to be visibly in charge’ line. 

I question exactly what he was in charge of at the hurricane command center. I never saw him passing out emergency supplies or ripping sheets and boiling water. 

This was another example of the Obozo administration motto put into full effect: Rahm Emanuel’s quote, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

It must be nice to pick and choose which crisis you want to address.

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  1. The way I see it, this post covers two disasters; one being ‘natural’ and unavoidable and one ‘man made’, which should have been preventable. The former will heal over time; the latter will take much longer to heal, if ever! Damage control efforts of the latter cannot even begin until November of 2012 and maybe not even then unless we, as a society, wake up and reverse our present path to self-destruction.