10 July 2014

Hobby Lobby - 1 / Obamites - ZERO!

A source (who must remain unidentified for national security reasons) sent me the following. After studying it for about a minute and a half, I thought to myself, “HEY! This is some good stuff Danger 2 sent me!” Actually, ‘Danger 2’ isn’t my source’s call sign, either — remember, we've got some national security reasons involved.

We’re Ready for sHrILLARY! 
sHrILLARY, champion of the downtrodden women that can’t afford birth control. Roll out Sandra Fluck. Universal Health Care is on the way. If you like your doctor...

*Refer back to HERE for an explanation on THAT.

What’s next?  
  • Affordable Transportation Act (ATA)
  • Maternity Leave Act (MLA)
  • Affordable Housing Act (AHA)
  • Affordable Vacation Act (AVA)
  • Free Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Act (Free SARA)
  • Union Representation Act (URA)
  • Work Week Limitation Act  (WWLA)
  • Social Security Modernization Act (SSA II)
  • Unrestricted Marriage Act (UMA)
  • Minimum Monthly & Annual Income Standards Act (MMAISA)
  • Actor & Actress Tax Exemption Act 
  • Fair Trade Act (FTA)
  • Carbon Credit Exchange Act (CCEA)
  • Obesity Prevention Act (OPA)
  • Profit Limitations Act (PLA)
  • Banking Reform Act (BRA)
  • Executive Salary Limitation Act  (ESLA)
  • Fair Income Transfer Act (FITA)
  • Firearm & Ammunition Restriction 
  • Tax (FART)
  • Organic Farming Act (OFA)
  • Bee Colony Restoration Act (BCRA)
  • Water Bottle Elimination Tax (WBET)
  • Free Education Act (FEA)
  • Heterosexual Limitation Act (HLA)
  • Open Borders America Migration  Act (OBAMA)
  • Male Sterilization Act (MSA)
  • Golf & Leisure Tax 
  • Frequent Flyer & Airline Baggage Limitation Tax
  • Gender Neutralization Act (GNA)
  • Pickup Truck Tax
  • Income Restriction Tax 
  • Rodeo & Equestrian Activities Prohibition Act (REAPA)
  • Global Warming and Climate Change Reversal Surcharge Tax 
  • Military Non-Discrimination Act (MNA)
  • Vacation Home Elimination Act (VHEA)
  • Optional Requirement to Work Act (ORWA)
  • Prison Term Limits (PTT)
  • Public Religious Practices Restriction Act (PRPRA)
Uhhh... Danger 2, I hate to be the one to tell you this — they’re all so stupid that I think they’re in the works right now

Which reminds me... What the hell about Benghazi, Bucket Butt?!

14 June 2014


Yep. It's been used before... A LOT. It's my philosophy on life; if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Hey! You... in the potato sack pant suit... WHAT ABOUT BENGHAZI?!

04 June 2014

Just One Good Deal After Another.

I didn’t know that the Taliban negotiated, or more importantly, that we negotiated with islamic homicidal mohammedian narcissists.

FIVE Taliban for one soldier that no one even wants — a soldier who allegedly went AWOL (UA in Marine terms) of his own intent while in Afghanistan — a soldier considered by many as a traitor and a deserter — a soldier who caused six other soldiers to lose their lives while trying to save him (not counting MSG Allen, whose wife would like people to meet her husband) — a soldier whose father looks like a bad leftover from the hippy days (or an albino mohammadian) and tweets pro-Taliban … and this is considered striking a good deal with the Taliban?

Well, yeah… it’s a great deal when you’re talking about Obamohammad and his rat infested outhouse ‘administration’ and the bought-and-paid-for news media that goes with it.

I'm not even going to dignify this by asking about Benghazi.