19 August 2011

From The ‘Take It For What It’s Worth’ Department.

ABC’s Avila: Rick Perry ‘Does Not Care’ About Science, Has ‘Close Relationship’ with Guns 
According to Good Morning America’s Jim Avila, Rick Perry “does not care” about the “overwhelming scientific evidence” of global warming. The ABC reporter on Thursday offered a hostile, condescending take on the Texas Governor.
According to the ABC journalist, "Unmistakably Texan, unabashedly conservative, Governor Rick Perry does not care about the overwhelming scientific evidence that global warming is largely produced by humans burning fossil fuels." 

It’s just ‘more of the same’ from the Lame Stream Media. As far as reading matter, it could have gone to the bottom of the pile. Caught your attention, though, didn’t I?

I would like to point out that Avila called Perry, “A theatrical campaigner, a natural performer who was a Yale captain at Texas A&M. ...” For the record: A&M has YELL Leaders (YALE was the alma mater of Bush 2) and A&M doesn’t have a Yell CAPTAIN; Texas A&M has Yell LEADERS with one HEAD Yell Leader.

Also, according to Avila, Perry once finished a tough interview with a harsh, “Adios, mofo.”

I LIKE THAT!  So, to Avila, ADIOS, MOFO!

Rick Perry Has Some Explaining to Do 
I’ve often been told that you can accurately judge a person by the friends that they keep. Using this premise, let’s take a look at some of the friends Presidential GOP candidate Gov. Rick Perry has kept and still keeps. 
In 1988, President Ronald Reagan had already served his two terms as President and was ineligible to run again. The Republican Party ran then Vice-president George H.W. Bush after a hard fought primary campaign against Senator Bob Dole. The top Democratic candidates included Gov. Michael Dukakis, Sen. Al Gore and Rep. Dick Gephardt among others. At the time of the 1988 campaign, then Democratic Rep from Texas Rick Perry served as the Texas campaign head for Al Gore. After Bush handily defeated Dukakis for the White House, Perry switched parties and became a Republican in 1989, but still kept ties with Democrat Al Gore -- inventor of the internet and crusader for a one-world economy and government. 
In 1999, Perry became Lieutenant Governor of Texas and Governor in 2000. As Texas’s governor, Perry has openly courted relations with a number of Islamic leaders. 
One of Perry’s friends with Aga Khan, the multimillionaire head of the Shi’ite sect of Islam known as the Ismailis. As governor, Perry has used his association with Khan and other Ismailis leaders to establish cooperative programs with them and the state of Texas, including an education program to help teach children that Ismailis Muslims are peace loving people. 
Perry has also been known to be friends with Grover Norquist. Norquist is married to a Palestinian wife who is the director of communications for Norquist’s Islamic Free Market Institute. He has been on the Islamic payroll before and after 9/11. Just fifteen days after the 9/11 attack on the US, Norquist arranged for President Bush to meet with fifteen Islamic leaders who were supposedly rejecting violence and terrorism. However, a number of those Islamic leaders have been supportive of Hamas, Hezb’allah and the Palestinian cause to eliminate Israel from existing as a nation and who have called for the destruction of all those nations who support Israel, including the US.

Usually, I like this site -- godfatherpolitics.com. The above (and there’s a lot more to it) left me asking, "Huh?" With the ‘Huh’ in mind, I found this post that replies to all the negatives brought up in the article and this guy has done his homework! It’s a long read, but he has it broken down so that you can choose any topic you want to know more about. He tells it like what I’ve always preached -- and he has the proof. I especially liked the one that explains how Texas went from Democrat to Republican and why.

Post Continues on godfatherpolitics.com

But, for today, I’ll have to tell godfatherpolitics.com, “Adios, mofo.”


  1. Regarding Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change; science is divided. I, personally, don’t buy it. One thing is sure, however, any plan that I’ve heard of to, allegedly, diminish it is far more disastrous (a certainty) than the worst prognostication(s) of it, even if it is real!

  2. Oh, I meant to conclude the above with: Al Gore belongs in the NUT HOUSE!