27 October 2011

Word To Remember Election Day, Nov. 2012.

Ineptocracy (in-ept-o-cra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

18 October 2011

Obama Announces Support For 'Occupy Wall Street.'

A few months ago, a friend of mine (another one of the '53%ers' mentioned below) and I were talking about what was, and had been, happening. Our contention was that we would see another civil war sometime in our lifetime. There is no common ground anymore. Little did we know that what we were talking about a few short weeks ago would evolve, in such a short time, to what we're seeing today.

From Patriots PAC 
Barack Obama and chief White House ideologues like David Plouffe have hit the airwaves to announce their open, enthusiastic support of the blatantly Socialist "Occupy" movement making a mess in cities across the nation. 
 Over the last two years, we have suffered a President who calls the hardworking American public protesting as the Tea Party and as patriot groups everything from racist to violent to angry mobs. Yet when faced with an actual angry, violent, unruly mob -- he's OK with it, full of praise and compliments, as long as they are dedicated Socialists working to destroy capitalism.
That should worry all of us in the hated '53%' -- the middle class suckers who are paying the taxes that support all these confused kids, lefty parasites and SEIU deadbeats clamoring for even more of a free ride than they already have. ... The Democrat National Party has raised $70 million just this quarter to ensure Obama and his Marxist minions take a second term, and are able to redistribute, I mean 'spread around' everything that is left of YOUR money in 2012 -- after they 'shut down capitalism'!
Occupy is not going away. Frances Fox Piven was caught on video posted at The Gateway Pundit in an weird, nocturnal chanting session with Marxist acolytes of Occupy in McPherson Square last week, exhorting them to revolution, yelling they must 'stop trying to save the middle class' -- explaining it is all about over-throwing the middle class and achieving totalitarian revolution.
Piven called on the clueless, smiling college kids chanting back at her to 'help the jobless and the poor' to rise up in a violent show of solidarity and force, in calls dripping with Marxist language of class struggle that made her and her late husband Richard Cloward 60s icons of the revolutionary set. 
She spoke just as she had written earlier this year in The Nation, "So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, sit-ins and unruly mobs? … The out-of-work have to stop blaming themselves for their hard times and turn their anger on the bosses, the bureaucrats or the politicians who are in fact responsible." 
Viola! The Occupy Movement is born and nurtured by Marxists, and Obama is determined to make the Republicans own its 'populist' outrage!
Meanwhile, the campaign Money Race is on. Make no mistake; this election will be one of the ugliest and most expensive in history -- no holds barred. The Obama Socialists are going for broke, literally. Barack Obama has George Soros and a band of billionaire and millionaire militant Marxists who will pour whatever funding they think it will take to 'transform' our Constitution-loving, free market America into their Marxist 'workers' paradise' of coercion, conformity, and constraint.

Mathematically, '53%ers' ought to be the majority. But, it appears there's a WHOLE LOT MORE of the loonies out there than there are of the '53%ers.' Besides, I don't know even know how the '53%' figure was arrived at. If we're the 53%, how did the Idiot in Chief come to occupy the White (Semi-White) House? So, in reality, I think this fuzzy mathematics can be thrown out the window.

And, yeah, the protesters want Obimbo to be re-elected! He and his 'administration' -- AKA George Soros and the Merry Band of Billionaire and Millionaire Militant Marxists -- are out there announcing their open, enthusiastic support of the blatantly Socialist 'Occupy' movement.

The protesters are too stupid to see that the bailed out banks, unions, and Obimbo's green energy friends (the ones that created, and still ARE) creating his election slush fund, are the very factions they're protesting against! It’s amazing that Obimbo is still their Messiah, even though they've had three years of 'results' to look at. Given the obvious mentality of the protesters, I guess it's not too hard to see why, though.

That civil war may be coming sooner than we expected. Let me rephrase that -- the civil war is happening.

Want to know what's even more disheartening? The GOP establishment is giving us Obama-lite.

15 October 2011

Michelle Obama’s Warning to Gun Owners

If you don't read anything but this, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox summed it up with, "Nearly three years into President Obama’s first term in office, Michelle Obama finally said something with which I can agree."
At a recent fundraiser for her husband’s re-election campaign, first lady Michelle Obama told her audience:
“We stand at a fundamental crossroads for our country. You’re here because you know that in just 13 months, we’re going to make a choice that will impact our lives for decades to come … let’s not forget what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices … let’s not forget the impact that their decisions will have on our lives for decades to come.”
This week, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox wrote an excellent op-ed for the Daily Caller on the first lady’s chilling comments and what they could potentially mean for the future.  To read the piece, please click here. 
Again, if you read nothing else, these few paragraphs from the article bear repeating.

"When Americans flock to the polls in 13 months, we will not simply decide which direction our country should take over the next four years. Rather, we will decide whether or not our fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms will survive over the next several decades.

Currently, the Second Amendment clings to a 5-4 pro-freedom majority on the Supreme Court. Just one vote is all that stands between the America our Founding Fathers established and a radically different America that Barack Obama and his supporters envision.

If these four justices had just one more vote on their side, their opinion -- that the Second Amendment should not exist in today’s modern society -- would be the law of the land today. And assuredly, the anti-gun activist wing of the court knows how close they are to gaining the upper hand. As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told aHarvard Club audience in 2009, she looks forward to the day when a 'future, wiser court' overturns 5-4 decisions like Heller.

If President Obama gets the opportunity to tilt the balance of the Supreme Court in his favor, we’re unlikely to see another pro-gun victory at the Court in our lifetime. Even worse, the 5-4 majorities in Heller and McDonald will be in serious jeopardy of being reversed, effectively eliminating the Second Amendment."

That said, I'm a NRA member -- have been and will continue to be. I was going to write about all the reasons WHY I am. I ran across an article that defines the reasons WHY. There's no reason to re-invent the wheel. This is from

Maybe I’m an extremist, but I feel that if it was not for the NRA, America would be in the same boat that England and Canada are in today, with almost no citizens possessing defensive guns at all. You may argue that America is different. This isn’t possible here, that the 2nd Amendment protects our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. You might argue that England and Canada don’t have a Bill of Rights and that is why they lost their guns. Right? 
I wholeheartedly disagree. 
If I am ever asked to speak at the NRA Annual Conference, ... I will not talk about reaching out to youth to go shooting. I won’t talk about using a woodchuck cartridge to hunt deer. And I certainly won’t talk about any politician who is a friend to gun rights. I will talk about apathy and ignorance, and how bombarded we are with misinformation and attacks on our 2nd Amendment freedom. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms may indeed be written into the Bill of Rights, but the anti-gunners have wrangled every detail of the law and of our lives to steal that freedom away, and without the NRA they would long ago have been successful, just like they were in England, Canada, most of Europe, Australia, and most other “western” countries of the world. 
The NRA is our steady and strong voice, and our iron fist. There are throngs of idiots out there who didn’t pay attention in history class and who feel it is their moral duty to ban personal firearm ownership. It has always been the NRA who fights them. They don’t win them all, but they always fight, and they aren’t fighting for some perverse political power trip like your friendly neighborhood senator. They fight for freedom, and for the future of freedom in this great nation we live in. 
I ask you to make sure that your membership is up to date if you are a lapser like I used to be, or if you have not been a member, to join the NRA today. And, respectfully and peaceable-like of course, get in your friend’s faces and get them to do the same!
In one of my earlier posts, I said something to the effect that the Second Amendment isn't just about squirrel or deer hunting -- it's about PROTECTION from the BAD GUYS!
I stood corrected when FORGER left me a comment, "I hate to disagree w/ a Jarhead, but the 2nd is not about just protection from 'Bad Guys'... It PRIMARILY covers 
protection from the 'Bad Guys' that make up our government."

Yep, my bad, FORGER. I forgot to add that most important part.

We haven't even touched on the arch enemy of gun owners, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the UN’s 'Small Arms Treaty.' She and the UN could, effectively, wipe out our Second Amendment and accomplish what her husband, Billy Bob (our FIRST black president,) was unable to do. We'll get to this one in another post.

5 to 4... just one vote that stands between the sane and the idiotic.

08 October 2011

Solyndra -- Or, How Green Grows Obimbo's Campaign Slush Fund.

Too big to fail?  Yeah, this is where I want MY money going to.  From  townhall.com.

Newly released communications regarding the loan approval for Solyndra, the now failed California solar energy company, show direct intervention by an Energy Department adviser and Obama campaign fundraiser, and raise new questions of possible involvement by Rahm Emanuel and the President.  As more is learned, it becomes increasingly clear that the Administration used the Stimulus, and specifically the green energy loan program, as a campaign slush fund to distribute billions of dollars like party favors to supporters and to grandstand for re-election to a perceived constituency.
By mid-2009, the White House was obsessing to make headlines with an announcement of a $535 million loan to Solyndra as the first of many green energy loans in the DOE's pipeline that would be funded by the recently passed Stimulus.  Initially the staff tried to schedule an announcement by Obama, and later as approval was delayed, they shifted to the Vice-President. 
"Ron said this morning that the POTUS definitely wants to do this (or Rahm definitely wants the POTUS to do this?)," a White House staffer told an Obama scheduler on August 17, 2009 according to The Washington Post.  This was a reference to Ron Klain, Chief of Staff at that time for the Vice-President. "Rahm" refers to Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff to the President. 
The Solyndra loan was finally approved in September 2009 over a plethora of warnings and objections from within the Department of Energy, the Office of Management and Budget, and numerous private and solar industry experts.  
Following the company's collapse, questions have haunted the White House of possible political corruption and cronyism as investigations revealed that executives and investors in Solyndra were also significant donors to the Obama campaign with repeated access to top White House officials.  In addition, critics charge that the administration disregarded objective financial analysis, and blindly threw billions of taxpayer dollars at green energy companies like Solyndra with little chance of success. 
Oblivious to the warnings from his own White House advisers that the company was in serious trouble and would run out of cash in September, 2010 (and it did), Obama visited the Solyndra headquarters in May 2010 and hailed it as "leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future."  
The Washington Post  is also reporting that Steve Spinner, a major Obama 2008 campaign fundraiser, later appointed by the White House to "advise" the Department of Energy regarding the green energy loan program, applied heavy pressure on DOE officials for approval of the $535 million loan guarantee for Solyndra. 
"How (expletive) hard is this?  What is he waiting for?" Spinner wrote to a DOE official by email on Aug. 28, 2009 questioning why the Solyndra application was not already approved.  "I have the OVP (Office of the Vice-President) and the WH (White House) breathing down my neck on this.  They are getting itchy to get involved." 
Later the same day, Spinner asked the same DOE official to "walk over there and force him to give you the answer." 
In another exchange just minutes after getting an email from Solyndra, Spinner fired off a message to the DOE officials asking if the White House budget office (OMB) had completed their review.  "Any word on OMB?  Solyndra's getting nervous," he wrote.  
The loan was pushed through, and on September 4, 2009 Joe Biden announced by video link the deal as the "unprecedented investment this Administration is making in renewable energy and exactly what the Recovery Act (Stimulus) is all about." 
Spinner's involvement is in direct contradiction of previous representations by the DOE.  Spinner had specifically recused himself from the Solyndra application because his wife's law firm, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, represented the company on the DOE loan and pocketed $2.4 million in legal fees for their efforts.  
The AP reports that an administration official, speaking on condition that he not be identified because of ongoing investigations in the evolving scandal, said that Spinner "clearly was actively involved in facilitating between DOE and OMB." 
Joe Biden was partially correct -- unfortunately.  Solyndra is typical of what the billions of Stimulus dollars tossed around by the Obama Administration was "all about" -- about waste, cronyism, and corruption.  The taxpayer is on the hook for $535 million, but before this is done some once big shots in Washington will deservedly be cut down to size.
As Dizzy Dean (and probably the greatest linguist of all times) used to say, "Who woulda thunk it?" 

07 October 2011

Eric Holder: “How I’ve Managed To Stay Out Of Jail... So Far.”

As an American tax paying citizen, I hold YOU, Eric Holder -- and any other present ‘administration’ officials responsible for Operation Fast and Furious, as an accessory to murder. So far, you’ve got the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on your hands, Holder. That’s not counting the more than 200+ deaths that Pinal County, Ariz., Sheriff Paul Babeu says that he figures came from Operation Fast and Furious.

The Justice Department says that you get information, updates, memos and briefings on a daily basis but that you don’t always read them all. My question is, “Why not?”

What, exactly, are you there for if you’re not going to oversee what you were hired to head up? The way it works in ‘real life’ is, crap rises to the top. In your case, Holder, it seems to have worked both ways.

Personally, I don’t see this type of operation as one that the ATF could have authorized on their own. It HAD to have had your fingerprints all over it, Holder. Just based on the people that have talked -- and about what they’ve talked about -- within the ATF, tells me that.

Another question I have is, how much did YOUR boss -- the Chief Idiot of the United States -- know about all of this? More than we’ll EVER know, I’m sure.

In my lifetime, I’ve been through a lot of administrations but NONE as corrupt, greedy, incompetent and as thoroughly disgusting as THIS one. Having gone through the Carter and Clinton years, somehow, this was still easy to say!

The ONLY person I see doing his job, and who HAS TO BE the most UNDERPAID person in the present ‘administration,’ is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. How he can manage to shovel out the BS he does, day in and day out, I’ll never know. 

How Carney sleeps at night is something that I’d like to know, too. My nightmares are only about Viet Nam.

06 October 2011

Whose Side Is He On?

I gotta admit straight out -- I robbed this. Well... sort of.

After editing for spelling, punctuation, grammatical errors, run on sentences, incomplete thoughts and a WHOLE LOT of rewrites... I may as well have written it.

The headline was even wrong; ‘WHOSE,’ not ‘WHO’S.’

And, of course, I HAVE TO ADD the cartoons!

The basic idea is here, though.

Politically, Obama Obimbo* is about as coordinated as a monkey humping a football covered in Crisco.
On one hand, you’ve got these Wall Street protests that Obama Obimbo* supports because he’s anti-capitalist, anti-American and anti-Big Business.
Then, you’ve got Obama Obimbo* supporting the unions who called for violence against the Tea Party. 
Then, AGAIN, you’ve got Obama Obimbo* claiming he’s on the side of the little guy; that’s what all of his political rhetoric has been about. Never mind that a bunch of idiots voted for him AFTER he said that his plan would produce “no more” than 8% unemployment (translation: “I’m going to create unemployment.”)
You’ve ALSO got the Obama Obimbo* who wants collection agencies to be able to call cell phones to force people to pay their debts because that is what would help the economy. 
Who’s Whose* side is this guy on?  I thought Big Business was the problem with them taking money from the little guy! 
I thought we were supposed to get everything for free. Lets recap: you won’t have to worry about gas in your car or paying your house mortgage -- probably because you won’t have a car or a house to mortgage. So, here you go... 
I’m not even that astute a political commentator, but this guy, Obama Obimbo,* just makes it too easy.

*There... I fixed THAT, too.

05 October 2011

ESPN Is Full Of Pansies And I Say, “Get Terrorists Anywhere, Anyway You Can!”

ESPN Pulls Hank Williams for Exercising Free Speech that Opposes Obama 
From patriotupdate.com: 
Hank Williams Jr., the voice famous for asking millions of viewers if they’re ready for some football, has been [was] pulled from Monday’s broadcast of “Monday Night Football” over a comment he made on Fox News ... 

... ESPN released a statement to the affirmative: 
“While Hank Williams, Jr. is not an ESPN employee, we recognize that he is closely linked to our company through the open to Monday Night Football. We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight’s telecast.”
I guess, in all reality, ESPN had no choice but to do what they did... I mean, really... can you IMAGINE comparing Obimbo to Hitler?! Who woulda' thought?!  I’M WITH YOU, HANK! I hope Attack Watch (the joke of the Internet) has a bead on my site, ‘cause Hank was just tellin’ it like it is! And, by the way, Hitler’s not too happy with Attack Watch, either.


The next one is for all the bleeding hearts out there. It's from just one of the many Web sites that are getting their panties all in a wad about the killing of al-Awlaki.
America Assassinates its Own People and We Don’t Care  
What if al-Awlaki was engaged in his terrorist activities in the United States? Unless he was engaged in the act of murder would we have just blown up his house? 
Those accused of treason are still required to be put on trial and either convicted or found non-guilty. That is what should have happened to al-Awlaki if we were able to capture him. We may never have captured him, but we sometimes don’t even capture our own murderers. We even re-elect some to political office. The Constitution places some strict limits on the government before it can declare someone to be a traitor: 
“No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”
This idea that there are exceptions in the Constitution to what limits are placed on our Federal government is a dangerous, slippery slope. 
Where do the assassinations stop? What defines a legal right to murder a U.S. citizen? Who defines that? It seems right now the Obama administration has defined it. But what happens when our country accepts this assassination as one of those Constitutional “exceptions” we must act upon in certain situations? We become no better than the Liberals who are trying to destroy our Constitution. What happens when the definition of legal assassinations becomes more broad? 
For a government that couldn’t outlaw alcohol without a Constitutional Amendment, we sure do allow it to do some pretty heinous things all in the name of “national security.” What happens when political opponents are targeted in the name of “national security” and assassinated because they are homegrown terrorists? What if TEA Partiers are labelled as enemy combatants against the United States? 
The dangerous precedent this assassination has created is very real.

My attitude? Sorry, Bud, but Mr. Alphabet just gave his life for ‘The Cause.’ 

All of these “pretty heinous things all in the name of ‘national security’” weren’t brought on by our government. The cowards that hide behind children and women’s skirts (or whatever the hell they wear,) don’t wear a uniform and who call themselves ‘terrorists’ were the scumbags who started all of this. Whether or not you like it, the rules of engagement have changed.

If he had been in New York City (thank you, he wasn’t) we would’ve sent in a SWAT team and ‘probably’ would’ve taken him alive and then we’d have spent about as much as the national debt guaranteeing him his ‘rights.’ It may not be the way the Constitution looks at it, but the way I  look at it is, Mr. Alphabet gave up his ‘rights’ as a U.S. citizen when he ran, tried to hide on foreign soil, continued to do his thing with his terrorists buddies and then got himself blown up.  HE MADE THAT LIFE CHOICE (thank you, FOR THAT!)
A drone that’s flown by a guy in Las Vegas that drops a guided bomb, or boots on the ground that put a 7.62mm or .50 cal. round through the middle of his beady, little horn-rim glasses -- it makes no difference to me. Mr. Alphabet is dead and I’ve got the ‘right’ to take solice in knowing that there’s one less coward walking the face of this earth. 

So, if America is assassinating its own people and we don’t care -- you’re right, I DON’T CARE about the maggots that are in America. Just because they have a U.S. birth certificate (unlike one certain individual's that's STILL in question,) when they cross the line into terrorism, they're NOT our own people as far as I'm concerned.

Hope you’re enjoying your 72 Virgins, al-Awlaki. But, I kinda #@?#ing doubt it. 

04 October 2011

Driving the Rich Into The Sea.

This was sent to me by JonBerg. It’s out of  The Wall Street Journal and anything that I could possibly say would be anticlimactic.

Megaship ahoy! To escape higher taxes, the wealthy could relocate... to open waters. 
According to biologists, billions of years ago the first sea creature wiggled onto the beach. This was a pivotal moment in life’s long march from amorphous sea snot into the highest form of mammalian beings -- hedge-fund managers. Many people see that as an improvement, but I’m not judgmental. What we don’t know is why the first sea creatures were so anxious to leave their ocean habitats. My guess is that it had something to do with taxes. 
Reliable people on television have informed me that taxes are the root cause of all behavior. And that means we can predict the future by looking at tax policy. In fact, I hear tax-related predictions every time I accidentally stop thinking about myself long enough to notice that others are talking. What I haven’t yet seen is anyone correctly predicting the future based on tax policy. Apparently that burden has fallen to me.
Somewhere in Washington our leaders are furiously planning an economic death spiral. It will start innocently with a modest tax increase on the rich, the same way you might pluck a chicken to give it fair warning before you barbecue it. The final phase will involve a tax rate on the top 1% of earners that is so high it can’t be described without the Viking word for pillage. I base my prediction on the fact that the country is out of money, poor people don’t have any, rich people do, and the middle class has almost figured out how voting works.
In the old days, every member of the middle class thought he or she had a chance of becoming rich. In that sort of optimistic environment, you don’t want to urinate in the pool that you hope to someday swim in. But lately there’s more fatalism in the air, thanks to our crushing debt and the hobo militias that I assume are forming all over the country. The middle class will soon trade their unrealistic dreams of wealth for the opportunity to transfer money from total strangers to themselves -- a process often referred to as fairness. That’s when the rich will get serious about an escape plan, just like the brave little sea creatures billions of years ago. 
But where can the rich go? Their choices include nations that have swarms of malaria-infested mosquitoes, bad TV, deadly climates, decapitation issues, French people, bland food and other signs of inhospitableness. When you consider these factors plus wars, pollution, terrorism, floods, droughts, earthquakes and tornadoes, I think you’ll agree that most of the surveyed land on Earth is unfit for fancy people. 
This is where technology trends come in. We’ve already entered the era of megaships, including plans for island-size vessels with permanent homes and businesses. We’ll soon see rapid advances in high-speed Internet for seafaring vessels, floating fisheries, hydroponic gardens, energy generated from waves, and desalination. The only other element needed to trigger mass migration of the wealthy to the oceans is a financial motive. If a billionaire can escape taxation by leaving his dirt-based country behind, he’ll save more than enough money to pay for his floating fortress of awesomeness. 
Out at sea, you can declare your own sovereign state or form alliances with other island-vessels. Taxes would be a thing of the past. Any government-like decisions can be handled through a Facebook page. The only downside would be listening to Ron Paul nagging you to use Twitter instead to keep government small. 
Pirates would be a cause of concern, obviously. But if a billionaire has enough money to buy an island-size vessel, he probably has enough to outfit it with a drone air force, radar, sonar, laser guns, torpedoes, ship-to-ship missiles, and other technology so cool that just thinking about it raises my testosterone count. 
If some country with a military tells you to move from its favorite part of the ocean, you can turn off your stabilizers and let the current do the rest. Your island home would be like a Gandhi that floats. (That’s not redundant, because I’m almost positive that Gandhi would go straight to the bottom of the pool if he tried to tread water.) 
And no nation is going to try to conquer an island vessel for its treasure, because most of the residents’ riches will be invested in financial instruments, not stuffed in mattresses on the ship. For a fully equipped military, the cost of attacking an island vessel would exceed the value of the designer handbags and gold toilets it could seize. 
The ocean is the safest place on Earth if you play it right. Super hurricanes caused by climate change (allegedly!) are no problem for ships that can relocate at any time. And droughts can’t hurt you if you get the desalinization technology right. There’s almost no problem so big that it can’t be avoided by a billionaire in the middle of an ocean. 
You might doubt my vision of the future, but let me ask you two questions: 1) How big is Larry Ellison’s yacht? 2) Does his Japanese-style house have paper walls for realism or to make it lighter because he plans to someday lift it with helicopters and move it to his boat?
Shades of the 1995 Kevin Costner post-apocalyptic science fiction film, Waterworld?