25 August 2011

Obama Blames DC Earthquake On Bush’s Fault.

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East Coast earthquake rocks nation’s capitol, halting dollar printing presses 
A 5.9-strong earthquake rocked the East Coast ..., with aftershocks felt from New York to Florida. Official buildings throughout Washington D.C. were evacuated, emptying the nation’s capitol of bureaucrats and causing a momentary but notable economic stimulus to be felt across the nation, dwarfing the aftershocks of the quake itself. 
At the Federal Reserve, the massive printing presses that churn out an endless stream of bailout money shuddered to a halt, causing a pause in food inflation but panicking bailout recipients who are now completely dependent on government money for their existence. Meanwhile at the Pentagon, internal emails revealed a flurry of questions asking for any intelligence on whether the earthquake was an "act of terrorism" and if so, could Mother Nature be arrested under the Patriot Act and held in Guantanamo Bay?
The real shockwaves of the day, however, were felt economically as runaway debt spending under the Obama administration racked up $3 million per minute, meaning the three-minute earthquake cost the nation $9 million in clock time, not even counting any actual damage. Under Obama’s leadership, the national debt has increased by $4 trillion -- a number that should measure 9.0 on the Richter scale of runaway debt, if anyone were actually paying attention.
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How bad is Obimbo's approval rating? So low that America is seriously considering Mitt Romney.

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  1. B.O.- Romney - Approval, etc:

    After nearly three years and a record which can only considered not just bad but negative, I don’t see how B.O. could beat the Chihuahua featured above! The fact that polling data even gives him a chance says there is something WRONG. Unless we are a sick society, spiraling into total degeneration, it has to have something to do with the polling. I suspect that what some say on the phone may differ from how they will actually vote or even turn out. It is truly mind boggling how anyone, anyone could want four more years of this $#!t and worse; with him as a “Lame Duck”!