29 August 2011

Misunderstanding Of Obama’s Greatness Reaches New Levels.

Yeah, jobs would be nice.
You just don’t know a good thing when it comes along, America. 
TheDC’s Caroline May reports: “President Obama’s disapproval rating reached its highest level to date Sunday, according to Gallup’s daily presidential tracking poll. Based on the latest data, 55 percent of Americans say they disapprove of the job President Obama is doing. Just 38 percent of Americans say they approve of Obama’s performance as president.” 
Which just goes to show what ingrates you guys are. Come on, the guy cut short his vacation by an entire day, rolled up his sleeves, and stopped Irene single-handedly. 
What more do you want, people? Jobs? 
From mail.yahoo.com   

Hurricane Politics by Jazz Shaw 
...There were photo ops aplenty to be sure. Starting at the top, President Obama dragged himself home from the golf course to go personally sit in on emergency planning meetings. The cameras rolled as he sat, listening intently to the FEMA director with his shirt sleeves rolled up. And no… that wasn’t a metaphor. The man actually rolled up his shirt sleeves for the picture....
And in the eyes of each of them you saw the combination of fear and determination. This wasn’t about saving people from a rain storm... it was about saving political careers from a crap storm of bad PR. The underlying message in each of these endless appearances was clear. If this whole thing blows up into a huge turd that hits the fan, you’re not blaming it on me. 
It was clear that many of the executives were willing to play hardball to get this point across. On Saturday, one reporter claimed that Mayor Bloomberg had ordered New York’s Finest to issue indelible ink markers to residents who refused to evacuate, asking them to write their names and social security numbers on their arms. This, they said, was so it would be, “easier to identify you later.” Once again the message was crystal clear. If any Big Apple Denizens died, it was going to be their fault. Or their mother’s fault. Or perhaps even some rookie ambulance driver’s fault. But by God in Heaven it was not going to be Bloomberg’s fault. 
Katrina changed the country in many ways, but perhaps none so much as the way it changed our politics.... No mayor wants to be the next person to fail to clean up the city streets three days after a blizzard. It’s no longer enough to do your job. Far more important is making sure that everybody else knows you’re doing your job. 
Maybe this is a good thing. After all, we do want to ensure that we’re ready for disasters, and executives need to be on the ball. But will this also lead to vast expenditures of cash we don’t have every time the skies grow cloudy just to avoid a bad video clip running wild on You Tube?... 
I don’t know if the answer to that question is “yes” or not. But I do know that if we’re going to have one, it should probably be more important and at least as competently run as the political advisory system which devotes so many resources toward making sure that our state and federal executives don’t come off looking bad on CNN.
From hotair.com

I liked it like it was back in the good old days of the 50’s. Everybody had a bomb shelter in their back yard. If you didn’t have a bomb shelter -- prepare get a load of 00 buckshot in the face if you try to get into mine, if the time ever comes.

Bloomberg’s issuing indelible ink markers to residents who refused to evacuate was a nice touch. Frankly, he was being a lot more tolerant than I would have been. I would have told the public, “You’ve been warned. After it’s over, we’ll come in with a front-end loader and haul your carcass off to the nearest landfill. Your decision.” 


  1. “Misunderstanding Of Obama’s Greatness Reaches New Levels.”

    How about: “Understanding Of Obama’s Phoniness Reaches New Levels”?

    Just call me an inveterate ingrate!

  2. "Just call me an inveterate ingrate!"

    Me too, JB.

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