15 August 2011

In The News!

Imagine that.
Tax Fraud Suspected in Obama Land Deal 
The “buffer zone” parcel at the Obama family mansion in Chicago’s upscale Kenwood neighborhood purchased by the wife of convicted felon Tony Rezko was transferred to Barack and Michelle Obama without ever being assessed or taxed, in apparent violation of Illinois law, according to a debt-collection expert.
“The Cook County Assessor’s Office told me that there is no record of any tax assessment having been done on this transfer of the buffer zone property into a Northern Trust Co. Deed in Trust,” Albert Hendershot told WND.
Hendershot, president and owner of Innovative Portfolio Recovery Inc, a debt collection and skip tracing company based in Birmingham, Ala., noted the buffer zone “does not have an address attached to it, which is probably how the assessment and tax were avoided.”
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Still Incompetent.
Harry Reid Expects Tea Party to Fade Away 
Can Harry Reid wait out the Tea Party? 
The Senate majority leader seems to think so. 
Reid sat down with more than 30 Review-Journal staffers Friday afternoon for an hour-long Q&A session at the newspaper’s offices. The bulk of the back and forth was dedicated to federal spending and how Congress might tame exploding budget deficits.
Reid blamed everything that ails Washington and the nation on Republicans. He slammed the GOP for its refusal to go along with tax increases as part of this month’s debt-ceiling deal, saying hard-core fiscal conservatives are making it impossible to strike a long-term deal that slows the growth of the national debt. 
“(Senate Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell has done a good job bringing the country to a standstill,” Reid said.

Mercifully, no one on the Review-Journal staff asked Reid about green energy. 

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Is this his approval rating or his IQ?
Obama Hits 39%, But Worst May Still Lie Ahead 
There it was: 39 percent. Floor broke. Threshold crossed. The close of Barack Obama’s awful week. One more awful August. On Sunday, for the first time of his presidency, Obama’s public approval rating dipped below 40 percent in the Gallup Poll. 
Now polls are like life. The older one becomes, the less remarkable the ebbs and flows become. Or the longer the trend line, the smaller the blips seem. But some poll numbers capture more. Gallup has an innate symbolism. As gold standards do. And 39 percent is emblematic of that oldest incumbent problem: selling hard times.
The poll bookends an historically bad week. The atmospherics presidents dread. There is the mercurial stock market, trending more down than up. Last week, consumer sentiment hit its lowest point since the dusk of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. 
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  1. Gee, it looks as if B.O. took a page out of the “Tax Cheaters Guide” by Tiny Tim!

  2. Perhaps Reid is on to something. I can see the Tea Party dissipating once the Republicans take the Senate and he is neutered. Reid has the charisma of an undertaker!

  3. BREAKING NEWS 08/16/11

    According to “Rasmussen Reports” B.O.’s approval has hit an all time low: Strongly Approve 19% v Strongly Disapprove 42%.