21 August 2011

If Not The Tea Party, Who; If Not Now, When?

Everything in my military mind tells me that the Tea Party has no intention of becoming a third political party. At least, I hope not! This would all but guarantee that Obimbo (or, someone like him) would continue to reign -- or, rain -- over America.

What the Tea Party HAS DONE is to wake us up -- hopefully.

Will it never end?! 
You would think that in an off election year, the onslaught of media attacks against the Tea Party would have subsided. Instead, they’ve picked up steam. Just this week, the stalwart mouthpiece for liberalism in America, The New York Times, published an article titled "Crashing the Tea Party.” The article was meant to serve a dual purpose:  to discredit the Tea Party as just an unpopular wing of the Republican Party, and for the two authors to hawk their book that bashes Conservative values.

It’s a free country, and they certainly have every right to sell their book to the left-wing radicals who regularly read The New York Times. But these attacks against the Tea Party are the only tools liberals have left in their belts to combat us!
Now, for the good part!
Attorneys have a saying:  when the facts are against you, argue the law; when the law is against you, argue the facts; and when they’re both against you, call the other guy names. Liberals in this country have adapted that perfectly to the political forum! 
They lose on the facts -- when Obama took control of Congress, the average gas price in this country was $1.79. Now it’s $3.59. In January 2009, the unemployment rate was 7.6%. Now it’s 9.2%. And the national debt was at about $10.7 trillion when Obama took office. Today, it’s $14.6 trillion. The facts have spoken, and the liberal agenda is wreaking havoc on this country’s economy!
When the DemocRATS took control of Congress DURING THE FINAL YEARS THAT BUSH WAS IN OFFICE, it was like letting a bunch of teenage girls out at the mall with unlimited access to their daddies’ credit cards. It’s been that way ever since.
They also lose on the law: this country was founded on the US Constitution, yet Barack Obama and his liberal allies continue to disregard the Constitution and its principles. Obama has sent US troops on an extended mission to Libya without Congressional approval, he forced his unconstitutional healthcare scheme through Congress, and he continually runs around the Conservatives in Congress on things like “Fast and Furious” and immigration enforcement. Liberals lose on the law as well. 
So where does that leave us? They call us names!

This New York Times piece is just the most recent in a long line of attacks against you and the rest of the Tea Party movement. We’re not racists, hate-mongerers, or hobbits, but that won’t stop those who are losing the argument from trying to undermine us! 

This is why we’re launching our “We are the Tea Party” PR campaign. Between John Kerry telling us we don’t deserve a right to have our voices heard, John McCain calling us hobbits, and The New York Times saying we’re nothing but a divisive, unpopular wing of the Republican Party, we’ve been attacked from every angle!
  If we fail to expose the distortions being spread about who we are, we’ll be unable to recruit new patriots to our cause. In politics, a movement that is not growing, is dying.

America cannot afford to lose the only voice of sanity in politics -- the Tea Party!
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“A divisive, unpopular wing of the Republican Party?” Yeah, I guess you could call them that, if you’re the one who has been sent to DC to do a man’s job and then weenie out. 

If not the Tea Party, just WHO will hold these politicians accountable? And, if it’s not NOW, we won’t have to worry about WHEN.

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  1. “it was like letting a bunch of teenage girls out at the mall with unlimited access to their daddies’ credit cards.”

    Yeah, this pretty much sums up Liberal DemocRATS and their penchant to spend someone else’s money. Then when someone else’ s money is gone and “Daddy” is broke they will find some way to blame Daddy for not having enough to begin with! I blame Daddy, as well, but probably not for the same reason. Daddy should have kept his money away from them, in the first place or, to analogize this to our current fiscal situation (mess), keep them (Liberal DemocRATS) away from the money. Now Daddy probably can’t get rid of the teenage girls but we can damn sure get rid of the Liberal DemocRATS and we BETTER-it’s now a matter of SURVIVAL!