17 August 2011

In The News (Some More!)

Right after I get back from my vacation.
On Day 938 of his presidency, Obama says he’ll have a jobs plan in a month or so 
OK, let’s see if we can sort out this White House jobs package hocus-pocus because President Obama is counting on us not to. And no one wants to fail to disappoint him: 
Last winter in his State of the Union address, oblivious to the gathering storm over the nation’s national debt, the Democrat proposed massive new spending and loan programs -- he calls it investments -- to extend unemployment benefits and payroll tax cuts and to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges and other union-made infrastructure kinds of stuff. He had a plan he would share soon. 
When in trouble, give a speech. Say, early September. Before all this Rick Perry 40% of the nation’s jobs come from Texas stuff really gets going.

The president has mentioned the plan often, despite widespread skepticism due to the lack of stimulus that came from spending $787 billion in stimulus money that was for sure going to hold national unemployment at 8%, but it’s now 9.1%. 
So, perhaps another such plan might work. 
On his 938th day in office President Obama also said he would soon have a completed jobs plan. Maybe early fall, something like that. And he complained, “We could do even more if Congress is willing to get in the game.” 

Tomorrow with all this heavy work in his rear-view mirror, the president is scheduled to join his family on Martha’s Vineyard for a nine-day vacation. 

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White House claims Obama’s bus tour is presidential, so taxpayers will fund it 
Somehow, from somewhere, a bright political strategist on the president’s reelection team has come up with the idea of sending Obama out in a bus on Midwestern roads in two weeks, just like real Americans, or real Americans who can still afford a short summer road trip. 
The spectacle of a passing politician’s bus and waving citizens provides grand visuals for TV during the usually slow summer news days. The president of the United States might even happen upon a curbside lemonade stand operated by surprised children who deserve the kind of future he has in mind for all Americans. And more of that. 
Not so good visuals of the trailing motorcade of press buses, Secret Service SUVs, SWAT team vans and communications cars. Nor the angry motorists stalled nearby because the highway and every on- and off-ramp (that) has been closed by uniformed motorcyclists... . 
Anyway, because the bus trip is so clearly presidential, America’s taxpayers will be footing the bill for the non-political, three-day Obama odyssey through politically important Midwestern battleground states. 
After all, taxpayers covered all the costs of Sarah Palin’s successful One Nation bus tour back in June. Oh, wait. No, they didn’t. Her political action committee paid for that. 
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More “shovel ready projects” in the making?
Obama v2.0: Now with More Government, More Red Tape, More Entitlements 
As the Trillion Dollar Man rides down the road in his million dollar bus passing by signs that say “Your Stimulus Dollars at Work,” the outlines of Obama’s presidential reelection campaign have already become apparent. 
Spend. More. Money. 
Practically every big government program that Obama has tried has failed to deliver the results that the president’s economic team projected. 
As Obama said: Those shovel ready projects included in the stimulus spending binge weren’t quite as shovel ready as they thought. Or as his critics have said: If they were shovel ready, it was only because they were so rotten they needed to be buried quickly. 
Taking their cues from the mid-term election that saw Obama’s team lose control of the House on dissatisfaction with the growth of government, they slimmed down, huddled up and came out with a new plan. 
Ready for it? 
More government, bigger spending, more entitlements. 
Ta da! 
Let’s see: We started out with the government doing 50 percent of the mortgages and that failed; so we tried letting them do 95 percent of the mortgages and that’s failed. 
It’s kind of like when Joseph Stalin stopped the Kulaks from competing with the collective farms because the Kulaks’ higher production made the collectives look bad. 
So there was an epic famine. The death of 7,000,000 people is a small price for farm fresh produce grown on a collectivized farm. 
 Peas anyone? 
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Okay. Now I’m REALLY gonna heave!
Obama: I have it tougher than Abe Lincoln 
President Barack Obama said yesterday in Decorah, Iowa, that he absorbs more political criticism than Abraham Lincoln, the assassinated 16th U.S. president, attracted from his Civil War critics. 
The comment came during a question-and-answer session where one invited audience member asked Obama how he deals with his congressional critics in the GOP. “The Congress doesn’t seem to be a good partner. You said so yourself, they’re more interested in seeing you lose than [seeing] the country win,” the questioner lamented. 
“Democracy is always a messy business in a big country like this,” Obama responded. “When you listen to what the federalists said about the anti-federalists … those guys were tough. Lincoln, they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me.” 
The comparison “is hysterical … that is really laughable in many respects,” said Alvin Felzenberg, the author of a book on American presidents. “You couldn’t print things today they said about Lincoln.” Felzenberg teaches at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, and was the chief spokesman for the 9/11 Commission. 
Even though he was repeatedly snubbed and insulted by both Democrats and Republicans, “Lincoln had this amazing capacity for open-mindedness,” Foner explained. “He wanted criticism. He invited critics into the White House … I don’t think Obama does.” 
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So much incompetency...
So little time to write about it all. 


  1. Hey, the “Bus” reminds me of, sort of, a hearse! I wonder if the plan may be a donation to the Reid Mortuary for use, post election, in 2013. B.O. can then, actually, pursue his real calling as the DRIVER!

  2. "Lincoln", Yeah, you wish! I can think of some comparisons but this is a family blog site.

  3. “On Day 938 of his presidency, Obama says he’ll have a jobs plan in a month or so”

    OK, but does he have a plan to fix that plan when, like all of his others, it fails? Wasn’t the Soviet Union a “planned”economy?