14 August 2011

Headlines For The Day.

Well, can we carry Q-tips?
Gun And Baseball Bat Control In Great Britain

My June 19, 2011 post, 'Don’t Count On The Hispanic Vote, Obimbo!' eluded to this. Don't go getting your hopes up that you're going to be the guest of honor at the next Cinco de Mayo party, Obimbo. They may use a likeness of your HEAD as a PINANTA, though.
Obama Rallying Latinos To Go After Republicans For His Failures

Oh, NO! When did this happen?!
American Consumers Have Lost Faith In Obamanomics

Does Rick realize that Al Gore may cool their friendship? (No pun intended... Okay, so there was.)
Perry: 'Global Warming A Phony Mess'

1 comment:

  1. “Obama urged [all] Latino voters to tell Republicans that they will not support them until they sit down and take action on immigration reform.”

    “All” Latino voters? Does he assume that all Latinos are illegal or that they all advocate illegal immigration? I’d love to see him debate Marco Rubio on this issue!