09 November 2014

Get Some! Happy 239th Birthday, Mother Green!


A little early... but that's the way the Corps is;     FIRST IN -- LAST OUT!

A big Thank You and Ooh-Rah! goes to GODADDY.COM for producing this OUTSTANDING video.

239 years of romping, stomping, kicking in doors, hell, death and destruction by the most aggressive, belligerent, bloodthirsty, kill-crazy fighting machine this world has EVER known -- the United States Marine and his M4 Carbine!

Semper Fi, Marines!

08 September 2014


sHrillary struggles to name one accomplishment as Secretary of State.

An interviewer at the so-called “Women of the World Summit” asked Clinton -- regarding her tenure as Secretary of State -- what she was most proud of and what she felt was unfinished. sHrillary struggles with both questions to fabricate a single accomplishment or to mention a failure. Surprise, surprise. 

NOTE: If you want to skip the b.s., go to minute 2:09... that sums it up, I think.

Without really thinking about it, I can name just a few of sHrillary's accomplishments before and during her tenure as Secretary of State:

I still wanna know...

07 August 2014

Coming To A Police State Near You... SOON!

As Commander William Adama (Battlestar Galactica, 2004–2009) said: "There’s a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people."

The above rephrased slightly: "When the police want to become both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people."

The following comes from Mustang. Excellent thoughts on the subject... as usual. 
I am not able to generate much enthusiasm for this weapon, and here’s why: if the US military develops an effective weapon, it is only a matter of time before that weapon is also allocated for use by federal, state, or local police agencies.
While it is true that there are “bad men” in America, we have arrived at a point in time when the definition of “bad man” only depends on how the federal and state governments choose to define it.  A bad man today could even be someone who worships God, or one who openly admits that he or she is a Christian, or anyone who refuses to bow down to a Mohammedan.  A bad man today is one who refuses to do what his government masters tell him that he or she must do. 
In my view, local law enforcement is already “militarized” enough. 
They have not hardened themselves in order to “take down” black thugs in Chicago, or Hispanic gangsters in Los Angeles.  No, they have developed militarized weapons and tactics in order to keep the rest of us in line.  Black and Hispanic thugs are only a convenient justification for spending so much money to purchase military hardware.  No, the real reason for acquiring all of this battlefield equipment is that they intend to suppress a free people; you know — as in 1984.  The Clive Bundy event tends to illustrate what happens whenever, or should ever, any American refuse to do what they are told to do and I will bet dollars to donuts that when the Bundy incident was over, someone sat down to include in their next budget, armored vehicles.  You know, for the next time someone out west talks back.  The only reason that event did not erupt into an all out shooting match was because the Bureau of Land Management saw, from TV cameras, that they were “out gunned.”  To my knowledge, no one has yet asked the question, “Why does the Bureau of Land Management have armed police?” 
My response to this video, and in particular this topic, reflects that I no longer trust the federal government.  I place no confidence in anyone, whether a badge-carrying brown shirt or a bureaucrat appointee to an Obama Death Panel, to keep their oath of office, to wit: to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  We the people are not the enemy, except when the president stands up to explain away our legitimate concerns by referring to us as right-wing extremists, or gun-toting, bible carrying “simple folk.”  No, government employees at every level have sold us out in exchange for a nice income and a perfectly acceptable retirement program. 
This is a fact: DHS today more closely resembles the SS than any organization dedicated to a secure America.  I do not know why they need hardened vehicles; I do not know why sheriffs departments need armored tanks.  In my view, the right to bear arms is no longer a sufficient safeguard to a totalitarian government.  By acquiring such weapons as shown in this video, the federal government has already “disarmed” the American people.  Next up: robo-cops.
Give police war toys and they become hyper-violent war departments. The Albuquerque Police kill mentally ill people for fun these days... as do other departments as they work their badge-heavy, lethal tactics on women, children and 90 year-old senior citizens who may be armed with a knife or yard stick. Having carried a badge and weapon for my police and the sheriff's department for seven-plus years, I believe I'm entitled to say, "If a person in law enforcement can't disarm a majority of the women, children and 90 year-old senior citizens who may be armed with a knife or yard stick, that person really needs to get in another line of work." The Lamestream Media is always looking for a few good idiots; I think they'd fit right in.   

What the hell about Benghazi, Bucket Butt?!!

30 July 2014


Thanks, JonBerg, for sending me the newsreel. I just HAD to help it out a little bit.

What the hell about Benghazi, Bucket Butt?!!

10 July 2014

Hobby Lobby - 1 / Obamites - ZERO!

A source (who must remain unidentified for national security reasons) sent me the following. After studying it for about a minute and a half, I thought to myself, “HEY! This is some good stuff Danger 2 sent me!” Actually, ‘Danger 2’ isn’t my source’s call sign, either — remember, we've got some national security reasons involved.

We’re Ready for sHrILLARY! 
sHrILLARY, champion of the downtrodden women that can’t afford birth control. Roll out Sandra Fluck. Universal Health Care is on the way. If you like your doctor...

*Refer back to HERE for an explanation on THAT.

What’s next?  
  • Affordable Transportation Act (ATA)
  • Maternity Leave Act (MLA)
  • Affordable Housing Act (AHA)
  • Affordable Vacation Act (AVA)
  • Free Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Act (Free SARA)
  • Union Representation Act (URA)
  • Work Week Limitation Act  (WWLA)
  • Social Security Modernization Act (SSA II)
  • Unrestricted Marriage Act (UMA)
  • Minimum Monthly & Annual Income Standards Act (MMAISA)
  • Actor & Actress Tax Exemption Act 
  • Fair Trade Act (FTA)
  • Carbon Credit Exchange Act (CCEA)
  • Obesity Prevention Act (OPA)
  • Profit Limitations Act (PLA)
  • Banking Reform Act (BRA)
  • Executive Salary Limitation Act  (ESLA)
  • Fair Income Transfer Act (FITA)
  • Firearm & Ammunition Restriction 
  • Tax (FART)
  • Organic Farming Act (OFA)
  • Bee Colony Restoration Act (BCRA)
  • Water Bottle Elimination Tax (WBET)
  • Free Education Act (FEA)
  • Heterosexual Limitation Act (HLA)
  • Open Borders America Migration  Act (OBAMA)
  • Male Sterilization Act (MSA)
  • Golf & Leisure Tax 
  • Frequent Flyer & Airline Baggage Limitation Tax
  • Gender Neutralization Act (GNA)
  • Pickup Truck Tax
  • Income Restriction Tax 
  • Rodeo & Equestrian Activities Prohibition Act (REAPA)
  • Global Warming and Climate Change Reversal Surcharge Tax 
  • Military Non-Discrimination Act (MNA)
  • Vacation Home Elimination Act (VHEA)
  • Optional Requirement to Work Act (ORWA)
  • Prison Term Limits (PTT)
  • Public Religious Practices Restriction Act (PRPRA)
Uhhh... Danger 2, I hate to be the one to tell you this — they’re all so stupid that I think they’re in the works right now

Which reminds me... What the hell about Benghazi, Bucket Butt?!

14 June 2014


Yep. It's been used before... A LOT. It's my philosophy on life; if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Hey! You... in the potato sack pant suit... WHAT ABOUT BENGHAZI?!

04 June 2014

Just One Good Deal After Another.

I didn’t know that the Taliban negotiated, or more importantly, that we negotiated with islamic homicidal mohammedian narcissists.

FIVE Taliban for one soldier that no one even wants — a soldier who allegedly went AWOL (UA in Marine terms) of his own intent while in Afghanistan — a soldier considered by many as a traitor and a deserter — a soldier who caused six other soldiers to lose their lives while trying to save him (not counting MSG Allen, whose wife would like people to meet her husband) — a soldier whose father looks like a bad leftover from the hippy days (or an albino mohammadian) and tweets pro-Taliban … and this is considered striking a good deal with the Taliban?

Well, yeah… it’s a great deal when you’re talking about Obamohammad and his rat infested outhouse ‘administration’ and the bought-and-paid-for news media that goes with it.

I'm not even going to dignify this by asking about Benghazi.

20 May 2014

#Modern Warfare

Got this from Colonel Mustang. I don't know who came up with it, but they should get a "Laughability Award" for the thing. I guess it wouldn't mean too much, though; King Obamohammad and his court jesters are averaging about five a day. 

And I'm still asking...

03 April 2014

April Fool... NOT!

Stilton Jarlsberg, over at Hope n’ Change, has tried to pass the following off as fake news stories. I’m not buying it! I’ve told Dr. J that I know fiction when I see it and read it! These are as real as they get! What's the deal?! We've got the Lamestream Media passing fiction off as news and the REAL STUFF being passed off as fiction. 

Readers -- In the spirit of April Fool’s Day (which, frankly, we think should also be the date on which elections are held, considering the poltroons and simpletons we tend to elect) Hope n’ Change posted a handful of fake news stories on Facebook yesterday. None are true -- but sadly, all are pretty believable. And hopefully, you’ll also find them all funny!
You’ll note the “Barack Obama’s Dead Fly” logo -- that’s a conservative Facebook group with a large following, for whom we occasionally create snarky content. They’re good folks -- check ‘em out on Facebook if you haven’t already!
And now, on with the “breaking news” from April Fool’s Day, 2014...

Speaking of an April Fool joke -- Hey, sHrILLARY!

And I'm STILL wondering...

17 February 2014

President's Day Has Been The Same For The Past Five Years.

So has my salute.

Doc J, over at HopeNChange, says and illustrates it so well:
Today is President's Day... the day that the Post Office celebrates by giving us exactly the same amount of service that we’re getting from the current occupant (or is that occupier?) of the Oval Office.

Today is President’s Day - a day for us to celebrate the births of two great American Presidents, and to mourn the fact that we’re currently stuck with a miserable little weasel turd who is pretending to be king while systematically dismantling our country. 
Barack Hussein Obama (tantalizingly known to his many radical Islamic relatives in Africa as “Our American Cousin”) is solemnly observing this historic occasion by wrapping up a three day golf holiday “with the boys” while his wife and daughters take yet another vacation on the slopes of Aspen... no doubt thinking about how much fun George Washington could have had at Valley Forge if he’d only had the foresight to pack skis. 
For the rest of us, the day largely boils down to two things: no mail and President’s Day sales. 
Which, when you think about it, rather perfectly symbolizes the current officeholder: a lack of government services and, thanks to his “if you like your health insurance you can keep it” promise, the biggest and sleaziest sales job in our nation’s history.

Speaking of satchel asses... how about it, sHrILLARY?