10 July 2014

Hobby Lobby - 1 / Obamites - ZERO!

A source (who must remain unidentified for national security reasons) sent me the following. After studying it for about a minute and a half, I thought to myself, “HEY! This is some good stuff Danger 2 sent me!” Actually, ‘Danger 2’ isn’t my source’s call sign, either — remember, we've got some national security reasons involved.

We’re Ready for sHrILLARY! 
sHrILLARY, champion of the downtrodden women that can’t afford birth control. Roll out Sandra Fluck. Universal Health Care is on the way. If you like your doctor...

*Refer back to HERE for an explanation on THAT.

What’s next?  
  • Affordable Transportation Act (ATA)
  • Maternity Leave Act (MLA)
  • Affordable Housing Act (AHA)
  • Affordable Vacation Act (AVA)
  • Free Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Act (Free SARA)
  • Union Representation Act (URA)
  • Work Week Limitation Act  (WWLA)
  • Social Security Modernization Act (SSA II)
  • Unrestricted Marriage Act (UMA)
  • Minimum Monthly & Annual Income Standards Act (MMAISA)
  • Actor & Actress Tax Exemption Act 
  • Fair Trade Act (FTA)
  • Carbon Credit Exchange Act (CCEA)
  • Obesity Prevention Act (OPA)
  • Profit Limitations Act (PLA)
  • Banking Reform Act (BRA)
  • Executive Salary Limitation Act  (ESLA)
  • Fair Income Transfer Act (FITA)
  • Firearm & Ammunition Restriction 
  • Tax (FART)
  • Organic Farming Act (OFA)
  • Bee Colony Restoration Act (BCRA)
  • Water Bottle Elimination Tax (WBET)
  • Free Education Act (FEA)
  • Heterosexual Limitation Act (HLA)
  • Open Borders America Migration  Act (OBAMA)
  • Male Sterilization Act (MSA)
  • Golf & Leisure Tax 
  • Frequent Flyer & Airline Baggage Limitation Tax
  • Gender Neutralization Act (GNA)
  • Pickup Truck Tax
  • Income Restriction Tax 
  • Rodeo & Equestrian Activities Prohibition Act (REAPA)
  • Global Warming and Climate Change Reversal Surcharge Tax 
  • Military Non-Discrimination Act (MNA)
  • Vacation Home Elimination Act (VHEA)
  • Optional Requirement to Work Act (ORWA)
  • Prison Term Limits (PTT)
  • Public Religious Practices Restriction Act (PRPRA)
Uhhh... Danger 2, I hate to be the one to tell you this — they’re all so stupid that I think they’re in the works right now

Which reminds me... What the hell about Benghazi, Bucket Butt?!


  1. And Hobby Lobby was never against birth control pills. They were only against the four morning after pills on the list of 20. The news media still doesn't have that right ... wonder why.

    1. Whaaaaa?! The MEDIA?!
      Make ya wonder what it's all coming to, huh? (Rhetorical question.)

  2. How about:

    Affordable Cannabis Act (ACA)

    For now, legal in Colorado and Washington State; soon to be legal everywhere.

    As I said elsewhere today, Re. Hillary: Could this lying pig really become President?????

    1. John... think about it. Could Obamashitteforbrains become President (I use that word loosely) TWICE?!

  3. It was just another rhetorical question. An electorate that would elect that POS twice would even elect LBJ again if they could!

    1. Makes ya wanna cry, huh? (Another rhetorical question.)

  4. Oh, man! That bumper sticker's a CLASSIC!!!

  5. Gunny, you are depressing me more than the Colonel! :-) And it'll make you happy, Gunny, that Billary - on account of the sick cigar incident - will be outlawing cigar sales!

    1. Cigars are bad for your health -- and with 5 wives you need all the strength you can muster... along with contraceptives

    2. Contraceptives? Me? I wish I needed it! 😃

    3. There ya go again, Koji... telling off on yourself.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kid! Ya know, it's just impossible to keep current with the STOOPID stuff that the Libtards/DemoNazis say and do on a daily basis.

  7. M4E. If I wanted to fill my life with this *, I could have recorded 3 or more things per Day, since the moron jihadist took office.

    1. Ain't it the truth, Kid? AIN'T IT THE TRUTH?!!

  8. can you believe the invasion now on the borders...what a horror Marine and poor Israel -all on her own...keep the faith my friend:)

    1. Angel, the only land that needs our support (notice that I used 'support' -- NOT military or money) is Israel. They can, will and have taken care of themselves for a LONG time. I was put on standby, while I was in Viet Nam, to go there in 1967. I never got my sea bag packed before the Six Day War (as it was called later on) was over. The Children of God kicked ass! Out-manned, out-gunned and out-countried almost four to one and they KICKED ASS! It pissed me off SOME KINDA BAD when that sorry-assed excuse of a wanna-be POTUS, Obamohammad, suggested that Israel revert back to pre-1967 borders. When hell freezes over and monkeys fly out my butt, Obamohammad, you STOOPID piece of after-birth! I'd be PROUD to carry a weapon for them, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE.

  9. and, maybe someone's mentioned it above, but as of yesterday, we have a woman with four children who says Hobby Lobby fired her in her pregnancy and they're so 'un Christian'.
    It won't stop till November, folks...the race is on and the left's fangs are sharpened. Women WILL believe Hobby Lobby is telling their employees not to have sex at all by next week; wait for it.

    1. Hmmm... I wish I could believe that it WILL stop in November, Z. Something tells me that it's all just getting started.