03 July 2011

What Would You Expect From A Bunch Of Liberals?

So, what would you expect from a liberal mob attack on Glenn Beck and his family in New York’s Bryant Park last Monday (27 June 2011)? I mean, we ARE talking New York here, for one thing! That, in itself, should be enough.

Ann Coulter has such a beautiful way of explaining it, though. I think the second and third sentence in the first paragraph ties it up and packages it the way it should be done. For all of the content, go to Ann Coulter's article.

Glenn Beck vs. The Mob 
Ann Coulter
Liberals are not like most Americans. They are the biggest pussies on Earth, city-bred weaklings who didn’t play a sport and have never been in a fight in their entire lives. Their mothers made excuses for them when they threw tantrums and spent way too much time praising them during toilet training. 
A liberal’s idea of being a bad-ass is to say vicious things to a conservative public figure who can’t afford to strike back. Getting in a stranger’s face and hurling insults at him, knowing full well he has too much at risk to deck you, is like baiting a bear chained to a wall. 
They are not only exploiting our lawsuit-mad culture, they are exploiting other people’s manners. I know I’ll be safe because this person has better manners than I do. 
These brave-hearts know exactly what they can get away with. They assault a conservative only when it’s a sucker-punch, they outnumber him, or he can’t fight back for reasons of law or decorum. 
Liberals don’t get that when you’re outnumbering the enemy 100-1, you’re not brave. 
But they’re not even embarrassed. To the contrary, being part of the majority makes liberals feel great! Honey, wasn’t I amazing? I stood in a crowd of liberals and called that conservative a c**t. Wasn’t I awesome? 
This is a liberal’s idea of raw physical courage. 
When someone does fight back, liberals transform from aggressor to victim in an instant, collapsing on the ground and screaming bloody murder. I’ve seen it happen in a nearly empty auditorium when there was quite obviously no other human within 5 feet of the gutless invertebrate. 
That’s why not one person stepped up to aid Beck and his family as they were being catcalled and having wine dumped on them at a nice outdoor gathering. 
No one ever steps in. Never, not once, not ever. (Except at the University of Arizona, where college Republicans chased my assailant and broke his collarbone, God bless them.) 
Most people are shocked into paralysis at the sight of sociopathic liberal behavior. The only ones who aren’t are the conservative’s bodyguards -- and they can’t do anything without risking a lawsuit or an arrest.
My hero Tim Profitt is now facing charges for stopping a physical assault on Senate candidate Rand Paul by a crazed woman disguised in a wig. 
But the disturbed liberal whose assault Profitt stopped faces no charges -- she instigated the entire confrontation and then instantly claimed victim status. In a better America, the cop would say, “Well, you provoked him.” 
Kentucky prosecutors must be very proud of how they so dutifully hew to the letter of the law (except in the case of Paul’s assailant). 
Michael Moore and James Carville can stroll anywhere in America without risking the sort of behavior the Beck family experienced. But all recognizable conservatives are eternally trapped in David Dinkins’ New York: Simply by virtue of leaving their homes, they assume a 20 percent chance of being assaulted. 
Bullying is on the rise everywhere in America -- and not just because Obama decided to address it. It’s because no one hits back. The message in our entire culture over the last two decades has been: DON’T FIGHT! 
There were a lot fewer public confrontations when bullies got their faces smashed. 
Maybe it’s time for Beck to pony up some of those millions of dollars he’s earned and hire people to rough up the liberal mob, or, at a minimum, to provide a legal defense to those like Profitt who do. 
These liberal pukes have never taken a punch in their lives. A sock to the yap would be an eye-opening experience, and I believe it would do wonders. 
They need to have their behavior corrected. It’s a shame this job wasn’t done by their parents. It won’t be done by the police. 
As long as liberals can’t be normal and prosecutors can’t be reasonable, how about a one-punch rule against anyone bothering a stranger in public? Then we’ll see how brave these lactose-intolerant mama’s boys are. 
Believe me, liberal mobbings will stop very quickly after the first toilet-training champion takes his inaugural punch.
Chalk another one up for Ann!


  1. Yes, and in general liberals are: miserable, intolerant, humorless and scared $#!tle$$ of anything resembling a free society predicated upon individual responsibility! The word “liberal”* has lost its original meaning, at least in this appellation, and it has become a pejorative. These @$$#0!e$ are now in the process of destroying the word “progressive(s)”! There is nothing progressive about this bunch unless you consider, for example, that if termites had cognition they would probably consider themselves “progressive” as they consumed your house, one bite at a time!



    4. Broad-Minded; Tolerant

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  3. Yeah, JonBerg, that's what I was going to say, too!