05 July 2011

Obama’s Misleading Vocabulary.

I have no idea who wrote this. It was a comment from Obama’s Misleading Vocabulary. I have one problem with it -- the person keeps referring to Obimbo as “MR.” I’m willing to overlook it and assume that it’s used as sarcasm.
Mr. Obama, I would like to give you another chance, in this presidential debate, to tell the American people that William Ayers was “just a guy down the street.” Bill Ayers, acknowledged terrorist who bombed Americans, who you worked with at the Annenberg Foundation. William Ayers, at whose house you launched your bid for senator. William Ayers, whose book you endorsed -- a book that had a picture on the cover of him standing on the American flag. I want you to look the camera in the eye, Mr. Obama and tell them again what you told them three years ago -- that William Ayers was just "a guy down the block." 
Now, Mr. Obama, I want you to tell the American people that William Ayers had nothing to do with the writing of your book, Dreams of My Father. 
Once again, look the camera in the eye, and tell the American people what you told them three years ago, that you wrote that book by yourself without anybody’s help. Please finish by telling them that your wife was mistaken when she told Democratic biographer David Remnick that you gave your notes for the book to Ayers for him to complete the book.
Please repeat all of this for the record Mr. Obama, so that those Americans who didn’t already know, can now see what you are.
This was another comment:
Obama’s language isn’t novel nor is it original, either in substance or concept. 
Obama has learned at the feet of communists and social radicals, but his real education was from the works of Saul Alinsky. Rules for radicals taught him to be evasive and dishonest because having the power is the end and the end justifies the means. Being deceptive is not only acceptable, it is the desired action in order to ensure obtaining the power.
What we have seen and heard from Obama is not really representative of his true goals, merely laying groundwork for the final push. After he obtains the re-election he is seeking, with the groundwork laid and the people in place, he will begin dismantling the American economic system. The Dodd Frank bill will be the source of massive regulations that will disassemble capitalism for good. The health care law will be used to accelerate the demise of an entire generation of older wiser seniors too weak to resist him.
... and this one:
This country is looking for someone who will call Obama what he is... a liar. When a Republican candidate finally finds the guts to call him out on his lies and his socialist policies right to his face in a debate, that candidate will win. 
His economic policies have been tried before and always end the same, with the complete collapse of the economy and the currency... see the Weinmar Republic, 1930’s USA, 1970’s England, Japan’s lost decade, and recently Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland and Spain. We have the facts on our side, Obama has nothing but bs rhetoric and when a conservative candidate is smart enough to understand and use the facts of history in a debate, while not letting the Obama loving moderator control the debate, he or she will show America what Obama truly is. There are only two choices. 1) He is too stupid to have learned from history. 2) He has learned from history and he wants to collapse the currency and economy.
I’d really like to know who these people are...

because I’d like to shake their hands and tell them that they took the words right out of my mouth!


  1. "the person keeps referring to Obimbo as “MR.”

    Will we still have to call that @$$#0!e "President" after he's expelled?

  2. I never called him "President" to begin with!