02 July 2011

Rolling Thunder Riders Praise Sarah Palin's Participation In Rally.

"If she wants to support the troops, we're all for it," said Greg Benson, president of Rhode Island’s Rolling Thunder chapter.
Sarah Palin doin' the Rolling Thunder with Viet Nam vets!
"I certainly welcome any positive publicity surrounding our cause, anything to bring attention to POWs and MIAs," said Jeffrey Stewart, who leads a Rolling Thunder chapter in New Hampshire, a state that will be crucial to Palin if she runs in 2012. "Whether it's a celebrity or a politician-celebrity -- I'm not exactly sure what she is right now -- having Sarah Palin there means more people will be paying attention to our cause."
Moochelle Obimbo, not to be outdone, was there, too!
Moochelle Obimbo... never mind.

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  1. Hmm-the bottom photo looks like Rolling Blunder!