11 July 2011

Stimulus Scam: $7 Million Per Home For Broadband.

Again, when I started out this morning, I was going to do a piece on Eric Holder and the calls for his removal. Then, I got caught up in the broadband Internet stimulus thing. 

I do want to put this in about Holder, though. In case you missed my comment in the "Obama Administration to Implement More Gun Control Without Congress" post -- he dodged the bullet again (no pun intended.)

...Holder was also involved in Clinton’s decision (see Career -- Deputy Attorney General) to reduce the criminal sentences of 16 members of the Boricua Popular Army, an organization that has been categorized by the FBI as a terrorist organization. The clemency request was initially opposed in 1996 by U.S. Pardons Attorney Margaret Love. 
When Holder was elevated to Deputy Attorney General in 1997, he was asked to reexamine the issue by three members of Congress. In July 1999, Holder recommended clemency to Clinton with a report from then U.S. Pardons Attorney Roger Adams that neither supported nor opposed clemency. A month later, Clinton granted clemency. 
According to The Hartford Courant, the grant of clemency was unusual because it was opposed by the FBI, the federal prosecutor and the victims. According to the newspaper, it was also unusual because before the commutations, the Boricua Popular Army members were not required to repudiate their actions and were not asked to provide any information concerning the whereabouts of Victor Manuel Gerena, a co-conspirator and one of the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, or the millions of dollars stolen by the group in a 1983 robbery of Wells Fargo in West Hartford, Connecticut.
Taking into account that Holder has worked for crooks most of his career, what would you expect?

Okay. So, moving along, the broadband scam ties right in there with the job stimulus farce.

Stimulus Scam: $7 Million per Home for Broadband 
First came the report that President Obama’s stimulus package had cost taxpayers $278,000 for each job it created. Now comes the disclosure that the stimulus shelled out $7 million per home to bring broadband access to rural areas. 
“President Obama campaigned on expanding access to broadband Internet, and the stimulus afforded him an occasion for doling out federal dollars to that end,” Forbes.com columnist Nick Schulz observes. 
He cites a report by Jeffrey Eisenach and Kevin Caves of Navigant Economics, a consulting firm, which examined the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s subsidizing of rural broadband, designed to bring broadband access to homes without it. 
The two authors looked at three areas that received direct grants or loans from the stimulus package: southwestern Montana, northwestern Kansas, and northeastern Minnesota. 
They calculated that it cost $349,234 to bring broadband to each previously unserved household! 
But “it’s actually much worse than that,” according to Schulz, DeWitt Wallace fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. 
The Montana area included in the stimulus funding has as many as seven broadband providers, including wireless, and “there were only seven households in the Montana region that could be considered without access,” Schulz writes. 
“So the cost of extending access in the Montana case comes to about $7 million for each additional household served.”
So much incompetency... so little time. 



    1) Make un-real promises like (ethereal) “Hope & Change”.

    2) Borrow tons of money from China, become more dependant.

    3) Raise tax, reduce domestic productivity.

    4) Print more money, reduce the value of our currency.

    5) Watch our economy “circle the drain”.

    6) Blame Bush.

    “YES WE CAN!”

  2. The only certainty of the B.O. “Porkulus” program is that we are, so far, $666,000,000,000.00 further in debt!