26 July 2011

Oblahblah REALLY Earned His Name Last Night.

I didn’t even bother watching his latest blah-blah. I went to bed. Jim Treacher of  The DC Morning says it better than anyone. 
Obama bullies pulpit some more -- Here’s yet another law Obama doesn’t care about: the law of diminishing returns. Last night he gave yet another televised address on the debt ceiling, breaking into “MasterChef” and “The Bachelorette” and other shows people actually wanted to watch, saying nothing he hasn’t said countless times before -- corporate jets, “balanced” approach, it’s Bush’s fault, why can’t those stupid Republicans be bipartisan like me, everything’s going to fall apart if I don’t get what I want, yadda yadda yadda -- and clearly getting frustrated that it isn’t working.

There’s more (if you’re even interested) at the link in Treacher’s article. 
P.S. You know why there were no American flags behind Obama? He’s tired of the competition.

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  1. I didn’t listen to this particular speech but I can imagine from previous ones that it was: high on fear mongering; self-aggrandized; full of blame for everyone not in bed with him and very sparse on any specifics. B.O. seems to be losing everything but his arrogance. I don’t pretend to know all of the ramifications of this dilemma but I do know that another term of this fraud will be more destructive to this Nation than what’s being contemplated about the “Debt Ceiling”! I only hope the strategy being pursued by the Republicans, steadfastly is: keep the House, take the Senate and expel the fraud. If , at least, two of these events don’t happen we are COOKED!