13 July 2011

Obimbo Tells Us We Need To “Eat Our Peas.”

Yeah, and I’m telling Obimbo that he can eat... Okay, you catch my drift.

Since Obimbo’s so enchanted with the wreckage of our nation and the widespread unemployment that we have, he should join the unemployed. And that goes for everyone that we sent up to DC to end this madness -- the ones that are now playing the “DC Game”. They were all big talkers until they got up there. Now, all I hear is, “Well, it’s politics and you have to play the game.” I’m saying that, NO, we DON’T have to play the "game”.

“Politics” is EXACTLY why we tried cleaning house (and did a pretty good job of it.) We told them, “NO COMPROMISE.” 

Now, we’ve got Boehner saying, essentially, that we need to pass a law so that we can find out what’s in it -- where have I heard THAT before? -- and McConnell coming up with a COMPROMISE that will give it all back to Obimbo. Every time we’ve done it, the DemocRATS renege and raise taxes as soon as they get what they want. 

As far as I’m concerned, Boehner, McConnell, Kyl, Cantor, McCarthy and Hensarling -- just for starters-- have sold us down the river. We sent them up there to cut $100 BILLION from the federal budget and DE FUND Obamacare THIS YEAR. What we got was a revised figure of $61 BILLION -- and it was astounding at how quickly THAT figure was arrived at. Then they COMPROMISED with Obimbo and his snake, the snarky little Reid, and came back to us, all proud and chest puffing, telling us they SUCCEEDED in getting something like $38 BILLION in cuts.

Then, for the REST of the story, Obamacare is STILL funded (and that’s according to the Congressional Budget Office,) and the “cuts”WEREN'T $38 BILLION. The “cuts” come back as $352 MILLION. That was YESTERDAY (not literally.) There’s no telling what’s happening TODAY.

The only saving grace to all this is, Nancy Pelosi isn't still Speaker of the House.

Obimo’s got a list of items that are not up for discussion on how to cut the spending. EVERY ONE OF THEM is EXACTLY WHERE the spending needs to be cut. If he doesn’t want to sign off on what WE send to him... fine. We can play the game for the next 18 months.

I’m getting really disenchanted with the Republicans. They’re starting to sound a lot like DemocRATS. I guess that’s why they’re called RINOs

I want real cuts (that could start in the White House and work itself down) and a path to a balanced budget. No more gimmicks and politics-as-usual.



  1. Well Done Devil Dog! You nailed it; I have nothing more to add!

  2. The only thing missing with Pelosi is Dorothy pouring a deluge of water on her! Ding-Dong...............the wicked witch...........!

  3. Let the Dems compromise for a change.