31 July 2011

It’s Not Obimbo...

...but it sure sounds a lot like something he’d do!
Outrage of the Week
This week’s outrage comes to us from Baltimore, Maryland, where mayoral candidate Otis Rolley is proposing a $1.00 per bullet tax be levied on all ammunition purchases in the city of Baltimore as part of his "crime plan.
According to a July 19 article appearing on WBALTV.com, Rolley said, "This is not a revenue enhancement tool. It’s a ‘make it difficult for you to buy bullets in the city’ tool." Rolley also stated that the proposed tax would cause a decrease in "random firings that too often happen around holidays."
Hmm. Tax the law-abiding citizens of the city and make it prohibitively expensive for them to purchase ammunition for self-defense, and reduce penalties for illegal drugs. That’s his idea of a crime plan? That’s outrageous.
That’s outrageous?!  That’s pretty STOOPID, too!

Par for the course, though.

1 comment:

  1. Only a liberal DemocRAT type could come up with something so stupid. How will the humans be able to defend themselves against the Zombies stoned out of their minds on pot (LOL)?
    Has this moron ever heard of the “Black Market”? What’s his background, anyway, Community Organizer?