04 July 2011

2nd Time! Official Presidential Seal Rejects Obama.

If you just have to read the whole thing and watch the video of when the seal fell off the podium, go here.
Does ‘the Beast’ now realize commander in chief may not be eligible?

It’s called “the Beast” -- President Obama’s official limousine, that is. 
But, in a strange occurrence, the presidential seal on the Cadillac may not have recognized the passenger, or perhaps his eligibility to be riding in the vehicle, as it flew off the limo on an interstate highway in Pennsylvania. 
The well-known seal of the president, which is actually just a magnetic artifact and is not permanently embossed onto the vehicle, detached from the car on the eastbound side of I-76 while the president was wrapping up a fundraising trip to Philadelphia on Thursday.
This is not the first time the presidential seal has rejected this president. 
Idiot In Charge
On Oct. 5, 2010, during an address for Fortune magazine’s 2010 Most Powerful Women Summit at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C., another presidential seal plunged off the front of the podium and landed on the floor.
What this tells me -- inanimate objects have more common sense than a majority of the people who are allowed to vote.


  1. I was going to characterize each of these events as a “prophetic omen”, however, I see that someone beat me to it ("go here" comment). It’s good to know that the recognition is out there!

  2. The Forces of nature are telling us something when the magnetic field goes awry.