05 July 2011

Remember My Saying That There Are Some Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Vote?

Well, 52% of the voters did this to us by electing Obimbo.

While you're listening to the general, keep looking at the picture underneath this video.
"Marxism in America" by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

Then, remember what Winston Churchill said:
Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.



    This graphic dramatization illustrates and foretells the future of this Nation if the present Administration continues it’s path of reckless destruction and disregard for Americans, now and for generations to come! We cannot withstand another four years of this fraud or the mentality [sic] that put him in office. Lately we have seen polling and other data which may be considered disappointing, in that his approval is still in the 40-50% range. This in spite of the fact that he has screwed up everything that he has touched. By this time I would have expected such numbers to be approaching the 30% range which would be the irreducible minimum. There are those who will always stand by people like him for a myriad of illogical reasons!

    A potential redeeming factor may, however, exist in what psychologists call Cognitive Dissonance (CD). It is a syndrom that may be, more commonly, considered as “buyers remorse”. One manifestation of this is severe disappointment after making a decision based, for example, on: hype, frivolity, un-real expectations, irrational exuberance or even desperation. In the case of a CD victim, while miserable because of the decision, in order to avoid the pain of it and to save face will hold two diametrically opposing thoughts at the same time. Consider someone unable to resist purchasing an automobile, the cost of which is, way beyond the persons means or needs. Shortly thereafter the buyer discovers the performance and reliability are much less than expected. In addition, the reality of excessive cost(s) sets in; the buyer, however ,is stuck! Will this buyer admit all of this to himself/herself or friends? I seriously doubt it! More than likely the buyer will continue to extol the virtues of the purchase while being un-happy and stuck with four years of burdensome payments. But after those four years are up and it’s time to buy another car will it be the same make and model? I seriously doubt it!

    In kind, I strongly suspect that some of the remaining data that puts a positive spin on B.O. reflects voter CD; their irrational expectations having not been met (Hope&Change, etc). But when it actually comes time to vote again many of these “victims” will exercise much greater rationale!


  2. There's also a chance that these approval rating figures are "slightly" skewed as a propaganda tool. After all, the Lame Stream Medias' paychecks come from George Soros and his Marxists buds.

  3. "Remember my saying that there are some who shouldn't be allowed to vote?"

    I'll sure vote for that!