31 July 2012

Yo, Dawg...

Saturday is Obimbo’s birthday (supposedly -- since he's got no papers, I guess he can have a birthday anytime he wants to have one.) The First Wookie sent out an e-mail asking everyone to sign his birthday card. (Yeah, like I’d sign it... when hell freezes over and monkeys fly out my butt.) To top it off, Obimbo’s sent his own email inviting his fellow trolls to put their name in a raffle to have a chance to join him at his birthday party. (Can’t wait for THAT one.)

I got a better idea.

A BIRTHDAY CAKE for the little cur-bitch (cause he sho ain't no MALE dawg!) 

So, here goes...

First, we take a cake that one of his mamas' has done already baked up for his sorry ass, and we gonna decorate it...
like this...

and we GOTTA put the candles on it...

and there you got it -- the PERFECT birthday cake for the PERFECT DAWG-ASS IDIOT... and it’s made from 100% dawg meat!

When I celebrate my dog's birthday, at least I know when it is -- she's got papers.

And I'm positive that I won't be thinking of you this Saturday, Dawg, you miserable pile of dawg manure.



    You even outdid yourself on this one. I've sent the link to many.

    1. I think I'm gonna just do graphics from now on. They're more fun.

  2. Come On, don't just do the graphics, the text provides much enhancement!

  3. Marine4ever,
    Thank you for frequenting my web site the past day or so. I appreciate it!

    About Obama's birthday, I guarantee you'll like THIS POST that I did last year. Hehehe.

    Will be blogrolling you after I finish typing in this comment.

    PS: My cousin is a Marine right now. Just got back from Afghanistan. He's not a lifer. But the USMC has made a man AND a gentleman out of him!

    1. AND, thank you for visiting my site, AOW! (You're already on my blogroll.) JonBerg kinda put the fire under me. Thanks, JB.

      I gotta correct you on one thing, AOW -- your cousin IS a lifer... he just doesn't know it yet. Once a Marine, Always a Marine. And when I die, I'll be a dead Marine.

      Keep on KEEPIN' ON! Great stuff, AOW!

  4. Hey. I'm going to re-post that Lizzie posting this Saturday.

    Any chance to slam Obama.

    1. Roger that -- 'any chance to slam Obimbo!'

      'Lizzie' was outstanding! I'll be looking for it.

  5. BEST B.O. PARTY I'VE EVER IMAGINED! Why didn't the Aurora guy get his priorates straight?

    1. Yeah... and I saw an article where the RNC sent a Obama birthday cake to the DNC... and they sent it back. Hahahaha!

      I'm on my iPhone and can't paste the link, but it was from 'Freedom Outpost' 04Aug12, "Look What the RNC Sent Barack Obama..."