01 August 2012

What The Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep...Bleep?!

ABC Fumes Over Mitt Romney Aide 'Getting Nasty With the Press' During 'Gaffe'-Filled Trip.
1) I’m not going to give this much time or space due to the fact that it’s about the lamestream media.

2) I don’t call telling a bunch of less-than-first-year journalism students to, “Kiss my ass!” as swearing at reporters. That was a request; one that anyone with half a brain cell has been saying over and over, in our minds or aloud, every time we have to listen to the crap generated by the lamestream media. 

   The only fault I find is (I wish that I could have been on Romney’s security team) that a whole bunch of people weren’t in the emergency room having their pads and pencils removed from their collective asses... uuuh... because they got too close to him? You gotta have some kind of excuse... I’ve found ‘stoopid’ isn’t one of ‘em.

3) It’s pretty hard to take anything seriously when the source(s) are on Obimbo’s payroll.

4) Romney didn’t make one ‘gaffe’ while he was on his ‘gaffe’-filled trip. He didn’t say anything that hasn’t been said before; he just had the cojones to say what needed to be said. And not one 'reporter' asked him a legitimate, news-worthy question.

   Every time Obimbo opens his mouth -- even with his ever-present teleprompter -- he says, or does, something ‘stoopid.’ It keeps Obimbo’s bought whores awfully busy, following behind him, cleaning up his doo-doo.

5) I’ve already wasted too much time and space.


  1. "Every time Obimbo opens his mouth -- even with his ever-present teleprompter -- he says, or does, something ‘stoopid.’"

    Yes, but the scaiest part of "stoopid" is how he got there and, worse, may stay there! Unless he figures out how to become dictator-for-life he will, eventually, be gone but his minions will linger on.

  2. Romney would be a terrible president though

    1. I know... we're all waiting for you to announce your candidacy.

  3. AS I mentioned at my web site, I attended a Romney rally. Both Mr. AOW and I noticed that security was all that good. Hmmm....

    1. "noticed that security was all that good."

      "Was" or "wasn't" all that good?

    2. "Wasn't," of course. Sheesh.

  4. Spot-on.

    And I LOVE that cartoon! LOL!

  5. Anomyous Said:

    "Romney would be a terrible president though"

    Does that mean that you think we have a good one now?