10 August 2012

The Rekindling Of The Cold War And The Demise Of America.

I could leave it right there. I think Putin has made it simple enough that ‘any fourth grade student’ should be able to grasp what’s happening. But, then, we’re not talking about what fourth grade students can comprehend. What we are talking about is a group that has the I.Q. level below that of a fourth grade student -- Liberals and Democrats. When the two groups morph into Liberal Democrats, the I.Q. level then becomes (as my good friend, JonBerg, likes to refer to it) lower than whale shit.

So, this is for you -- all you Liberals and Democrats/Liberal Democrats.

I’ve condensed what was originally written by Benjamin Smith.* 

Mr. Smith  'gets it.' Mr. Smith is also young enough to be my son -- hell, he's probably young enough to be my grandson. As long as we have men and women like him, America is -- and will remain -- Number 1!

I haven’t edited it for punctuation or grammatical errors. You can take that up with Mr. Smith; I’m sure he’d love to hear from you. Read the full article here. 

Of Mice & Men -- The Rekindling Of The Cold War And The Demise Of America.
Our enemies are flexing their muscles. Yet our Administration does nothing. 
Putin is proposing military bases in Cuba, Vietnam and Seychelles. He is openly challenging American sovereignty and world dominance. He seeks to reclaim our hard earned victories for his own. Recently there has been an uptick in Cold War style war games of brinksmanship between our militaries. And Vladimir Putin is playing for keeps. 
Russian Heavy Nuclear Bombers have been testing American airspace over Alaska in war games that prepare their air force to take out our missile defense sites. 
In addition, Russia had put almost 900 Billion dollars into the upfitting of its navy, established their only naval base outside the Mediterranean...in Syria. That base is now stocked with warships. And to complete the insult and thumb their noses at the US, Russia is supplying the Syrians with Attack helicopters and fighter jets. In addition, Russia’s collaboration with China during recent UN resolutions are a clear effort to instill onto the world scene the communist methodology of corruption, control, genocide and a authoritarian rule. So it should be no surprise that China’s Navy has also been putting new types of large aircraft carriers through sea trials in the Pacific. 
Our enemies are flexing their muscles. Yet our Administration does nothing.
When foreign enemy powers put military bases 90 miles off our coast, (in Cuba), as Russia intends; this should get every American’s attention. This is not good folks. Even if the base is to be small, it will grow as a cancer if it is not cut from the host in time. Yet the Obama Administration has remained quiet, as usual. It has become standard operating procedure for Obama to foster disrespect and discredit us to the world. 
The Hackles of anyone who actually understood what the cold war really was, was should be screaming. We now are at the precipice of becoming the old Soviet Russia whose economy crumbled causing them to loose the Cold War miserably. 
The Russian tactic of putting bases right on our door step is standard Cold War strategy that looks to get us up in arms and feel the need to activate our military. But this takes MONEY, money we do not have, thanks to the Obama Administration’s feckless free for all spending. 
Under cold war strategy Putin could financially dictate the US having to spend huge sums of money to field a “show of force” through military brinksmanship, (Cuban Missile Crisis). Russia is an oil rich country, while America operates on limited purchased reserves. Therefore, it will cost us more to supply our military with the fuel necessary to mobilize. We will be forced to spend gargantuan amounts of money to meet the threat or the challenge of having RUSSIAN WAR SHIPS IN OUR HEMISPHERE...and this is classic cold war. 
The Cold War wasn’t directly about bombs and guns (nobody really wants war, its horrible for all involved); it was about collapsing the opposing country by means other than war whether it be economic or the battle of ideology. And the time tested method of winning a Cold War, as Ronald Reagan proved, was to force the enemy to over reach, over spend, and eventually crumble. Barack Obama never learned this lesson. But apparently Vladimir Putin did. 
At present, we would not be able to handle funding for our defenses not to mention physical war. We are a consumer economy not a production economy and have little to nothing in reserve to support ourselves. As a result, we would have to concede that Russia get a base 90 miles off shore or actually deploy our military to engage the enemy when the world is already on the edge of world war. Either way, we cannot afford it. 
Putin said “Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history. President Obama and his fellow Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy.” Don’t be fooled into thinking Mr. Putin has America’s best interests in mind. The fact is that Putin is trying to re-stoke the Cold War. Putin sees America as ripe for the same fall as his Soviet Union took when the Berlin Wall came down; the Soviets were economically insolvent and had to give up the fight. 
GETTING OLDER, and arguably WISER, some of us understand more how the world works and how the people running it operate. Today’s citizens need to understand that just because we don’t go to militaristic warfare and physical confrontation; WARS CAN BE WON without firing a shot - just look at the end of the cold war. We only defeated Communist Russia because their Government, (which was totalitarian and tyrannical in nature), lost the ability to fund themselves, their armies, their navies and the ability to control their populace. 
As the Cold War Director of the KGB, President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin knows the tactics and strategies employed by the US and as well as the faults that brought his beloved USSR down. He was the head of the equivalent of our CIA and he was in charge of the enemies initiatives. We would be crazy to think that losing an ideological war does not stick with him. Putin has ultimate hate and animosity toward the United States simply because we are the United States. You know his roots as to Communism and control, how else do you think that he became the HEAD OF THE KGB during the COLD WAR? The man is a ruthless warrior and Politician who LEADS AS A MAN, as opposed to our own Obama who looks to BEG, BORROW and BOW away the sovereignty of the American people he abhors.
Putin didn’t get to be the head cheese of the KGB by helping little old ladies cross the street or teaching Sunday School classes. There are A LOT of people STILL serving out their time in Siberia... or under it, thanks to Mr. Putin. 
Seeing the blunders of his country’s past, Putin now looks to weaken and defeat our country in the very same the way that we weakened and defeated the USSR. Putin is attempting to rekindle the cold war and signal that the old Soviet Power is still within him. Getting into the ideologies and politics of this issue is, for now, moot. The fact is there are enemy countries quickly growing ARMIES AND NAVIES that are looking to do us in by any means necessary. For now they have decided to keep the violence at bay...but to prepare for violence none the less. America is still great in power but we are weak financially. Our enemies see this and look to exploit our vulnerability so that we fall to our own stupidity and failure or worse yet we become weak enough to be physically defeated as well. This is about vengeance. This is about domination. This is about power and who can control it. 
America and her citizens must wake to the fact that there is a threat to our country and our way of life. Just because war is not openly stated doesn’t mean that there are not countries that seek our demise. Right now our economy is extremely fragile and vulnerable to intrusion, sabotage, false flags and a massive show of force in the form of new enemy bases just 90 miles off our shore. What would that cost our ailing, overspent, corrupt government? Will our current Administration, which holds Marx, Alinsky and socialism in high regard, make the decisions based on American Exceptionalism as any good American would do? 
At the rate we’re going, America will look like this before long. 

Hope you’ve got enough food coupons. And be sure to wear your OFFICIAL “I Love Obama” tee shirt!
Putin may be antithetical to American ideals and evil, but to his credit PUTIN IS A MAN in every sense of the word and our current leader OBAMA IS A CHILD. Stripping the supposed elected positions from Putin and Obama I would ask you to envision the two of them in a room behind closed doors from a man to man perspective...... Nothing in Obama’s resume or life experiences would indicate that he would be able to communicate, contest or even make a substantive stand against Putin. 
Obama has only been an organizer, a communist and then a politician. Obama has never had to live hard or AS A MAN. PUTIN makes a joke of OBAMA in the man category. PUTIN WAS THE DIRECTOR OF THE KGB! Putin’s intellect and street smarts would not only dust Obama the child; but the tough old Soviet would make Obama look like an insolent cur who needs to be disciplined. I would say that Putin would even make OBAMA his Lap Dog begging for scraps from Putin’s “table of tyranny.” Even if Obama wasn’t diametrically opposed to American Exceptionalism, the Constitution and what has made the US great; would he still be the guy you would send to face someone like Putin? MAN to MAN?

We have to take a look at our present status on the world stage and then compare it to our status and strength during the Cold War. Given our situation, I think we would not fair well, should the Cold War start again. Regardless of ideology we have to understand that there are people and countries that want to be in control of the world as we were over the past 20 years. That is a threat. Nature abhors a vacuum and if we do not define ourselves as a nation of strength and principles; our enemies will do the job for us. They will trample and stand upon the ashes of the very strength and principles we failed to defend. This is survival of the fittest. Barack Obama is no match for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The real question here is WHO IS REPRESENTING AMERICA?
The real answer to the question, "WHO IS REPRESENTING AMERICA?" can be found in this great book that every American should read:


  1. "Putin sees America as ripe for the same fall as his Soviet Union took when the Berlin Wall came down; the Soviets were economically insolvent and had to give up the fight."

    Yes and with B.O and his moron disciples Putin is handed the proverbial "gift that keeps on giving"!

  2. "Putin said “Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history."

    Well, does he mean just those in Russia where it has failed and the evidence survives? I'm afraid that our fourth graders, as well as all other K-12 students, are getting a much different indoctrination about socialism from the Teacher's Union.

  3. Obama (nor any member of his administration) is acting out of character. He is a devoted communist. His grandparents and parents raised him to be a communist. Years of brainwashing by relatives and Frank Marshal Davis gave us this POS. But we have to admit Obama never lied about his communist ideology. He told everyone up front what he was about to do. I guess everyone thought he was kidding.

    No, what bothers me is that the American people elected this morally bankrupt Marxist —this disgusting Chicago thug. And in doing so, they have dishonored uniformed Americans who gave their lives for this nation. Worse, there are four-star generals who dishonor themselves, their uniforms, their service, this country, by endorsing Barack Hussein Obama —including Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps retired flag rank officers.

    I could not be more disgusted. Not long ago, a good friend who was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts in Vietnam turned to me and said, “You know, if I could have foreseen this, I would never have put my ass on the line for the American people. They don’t deserve us.”

  4. Mustang, that means a commission, well deserved. Good on you Devil Dog. From a old Sailor.

  5. Fourth graders SHOULD know that socialism is a failure. However, the public schools shill for socialism from K on up.

    PS: My 4th grade homeschoolers know that socialism is and always has been a consummate failure.

  6. Mustang,
    Not long ago, a good friend who was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts in Vietnam turned to me and said, “You know, if I could have foreseen this, I would never have put my ass on the line for the American people. They don’t deserve us.”

    I've heard several at the American Legion say almost the exactly the same thing.

  7. @ Mustang and AOW on Viet Nam --
    Sometimes I feel the same way... today. But, back then, it was a different time. Communism* was the topic of the day. If South Viet Nam fell, so fell all of Southeast Asia. I felt that, in some small way, perhaps I could help make a difference in the battle against Communism.
    However, war is good business... ask LBJ (may he rot in hell.) Were it not for Westmoreland, the lame stream media (some things NEVER change) and crooked politicians on BOTH sides, South Viet Nam would, today, be like South Korea and Laos would be Laos.
    Some time ago, while researching for verification that I needed for VA, I found a letter to a grunt battalion commander. It was from the village elders, thanking the Marines that helped guard their vill from the Viet Cong and NVA, as they gathered in their rice crops and for the protection afterwards. Village elders were usually in their 60's to 80 and beyond. They said, that for the first time in their lives, they had felt safe. Imagine feeling safe for the first time in your life at that age.
    During my tour, I rode security on a .50 cal. turret-mounted gun truck for a motor transport battalion. Part of my company, and I, helped make up that grunt company's perimeter. So, I feel, that in some small way, I did make a difference.
    I'd do it again.

    *Socialist, Marxist, Islamist, Tree Frogist -- whatever, and whether you capitalize it or not, it's all the same to me. It's Communist (with a big 'C')and I HATE Commies.

    Whoaa... I just used the 'H' word and the Black Hawks are using my front lawn for their LZ and the black SUV's are circling the block.

    Gotta make my hat outta here! Later!