24 August 2012

A Word From The NRA...

...with a little help from me.

(I've taken the liberty of highlighting what I thought were the important points on the fact sheet.) 

Did you ever think you’d see a President so radically anti-gun that he would arm Mexican drug cartels and endanger American lives to push a gun control agenda?

That’s exactly what Barack Obama and his administration did. 
At least one U.S. Border Patrol agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens have been murdered with guns given to violent drug cartels with the help of the Obama administration. 
And despite all of this, most mainstream media outlets refuse to cover the critical parts of this story. 
The media doesn’t care how many innocent Americans and Mexicans die as a result of the Obama administration’s illegal Fast and Furious operation. They just want to protect their President and help Obama win reelection. 
So it’s up to you, me and NRA-ILA to get these ten facts about Fast and Furious into the hands of as many voters as possible before Election Day.
Media elitists will go to any length to defend Barack Obama and destroy our firearm freedoms... even if it means helping Obama cover up the biggest White House scandal since Watergate.
Please help NRA-ILA break through the media’s information blockade by emailing, printing, sharing through Facebook, and distributing this Fast and Furious Fact Sheetto every gun owner you know. 
With your help, we can beat Obama on Election Day!!! 
Chris W. Cox
Executive Director, NRA-ILA

Oh, yeah --  I almost forgot... 


  1. M4e,

    Believe it or not I just tried to post an anti PC comment and, guess what, it didn't take. I'll try my luck later. Thanks for the GOOD stuff.

    Honest, if I really said what I'd like; 'they' would be here and you wouldn't ever hear from me again!!!!!

    1. I'm sure you're already aware of the Brandon Raub fiasco -- if not, here's a follow-up to HIS nightmare with the 'Big Brother IS Watching' administration.


      As far as your "...if I really said what I'd like; 'they' would be here and you wouldn't ever hear from me again!!!!!" -- J.B., I haven't even said 1/8th of what I really want to say/write. In comments on other blogs (and here) I sometimes use the "Oops... gotta go! There's a Blackhawk trying to use my front lawn for their LZ and black Suburbans are pulling into the driveway!" I'm just marking time until it REALLY DOES happen.

      The graphics that I use at the top are probably enough to send 'them' into a nail-biting mode. In another blog that we're so fond of, you may remember that 'gmw' (in her discreet way) eluded to one of my comments that 'they' have present and former military personnel on 'their' radar screens... hint, hint. And I, in my own subtle way, let it be known that I was (hint, hint) WELL AWARE of it.

      I wish I could be accused of having 'illusions of grandeur' -- that somebody, or some element, is out there trying to 'get me.' And, I'm sure that I am accused of it by the sheeple that I have to have unfortunate circumstances to be around.

      Really, I hope and pray that I never have to say, "I TOLD YOU SO" ... like I've had to do so many times before.

      All we can really do, at this point, is KICK OBAMA OUT 2012!

  2. This is a great victory for the First Amendment and the rule of law,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute.

    It is not such a great victory when you consider that anyone placed Ruab into custody to begin with. We must wonder what in the hell is happening to our society under the last two administrations. The Patriot Act is an affront to everything the founding fathers stood for, and I do not care how many attacks Muslims may plan against our country. Apparently, we have forgotten Franklin’s observation, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    The Raub incident is but one of several that should have all of us sitting on the edge of our seats. The US government, including the Social Security Administration, has begun purchasing insane amounts of hollow point ammunition. This and other departments are doing this in order to deny this ammunition to the American public. In another case, a retired army colonel by the name of Kevin Benson, now employed by AECOM, has hitched his wagon to socialist professor Jennifer Weber at the University of Kansas in the development of a training program for senior military officers that involves “domestic insurrection” by Tea Party extremists. Source

    I sent this information to my congressman, by the way. He has no clue.

    Meanwhile, as these very serious issues begin to confront us in advance of the November elections, American Legion Magazine reveals half-witted veterans arguing about tax rates among the nation’s wealthiest businessmen. The absence of a national focus on Obama’s totalitarian plans for America relate to the fact that the news media conspire to hide it from public view. The downward spiral continues and it is no wonder we are transforming ourselves into a sorry people.

    It is entirely possible that we no longer deserve that which our founding fathers gave us.

    Forgive the long rant. I wish I felt better.

    1. NOT a long rant, Mustang, and that's what this site is for.
      When I started this gig, I said upfront that this ain't your momma's kind of Web site. It's a no holds barred, down and dirty, in your face impact area with Obimbo (and anyone even CLOSELY associated with this afterbirth of a Frank Marshall Davis gang bang) being dead-solid perfect in the X ring for trashing.
      I wish I felt better, too.

    2. I also have some thoughts on Obimbo and his Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey. The general seems to be 'disappointed' of the anti-Obama campaign by ex-military members.


      You may, or may not, agree with what I think. Coming soon.

  3. "Did you ever think you’d see a President so radically anti-gun that he would arm Mexican drug cartels and endanger American lives to push a gun control agenda?"

    That's not all, I never thought I'd see! The mere presence of this COMPLETE FRAUD in the White House signals a major flaw in our collective society. As much as I: hated L.B.J.,I considered Carter to be a "jelly fish" and didn't consider Clinton to be any sort of a man, I was never as scared about the future of this country as I am now. And what really gets me is that after this, so called, President has shown what he really is (some of us knew anyway) he still has a, reported, significant following!

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    1. Only because you wanted to, JonBerg!