04 July 2012

Happy 4th Of July... Anyway.

Have a happy and safe one.
As the Aggies would say, "WAIT 'TIL NEXT YEAR!"



    I can't wait, I think! Perhaps the fact that Muzzies don't understand the concept of toilet paper will save the document from complete destruction at the hands of B.O.!

  2. With Job losses and more unemployed because of the increased costs, taxes, penalties, call it what you may, levied on small and large businesses, at the rate at which Maobama is assuming dictatorship in this country, we not have enough time to save America.
    It is not the SCOTUS mistake that we elected liars to Congress or to the Presidency, it's the liberals and the rest of the Marxist's fault!
    Lets hope that this is not the last 4th of July as we once knew it God bless America, we need it.

    And If you're not worried, take a little trip over to the Drudge report and see what Chris Rock had to say and what the hate-spewing lefties said about his statement.

    1. God HAS blessed the United States of America... and WE, the people, have let it go down the toilet.
      What you're reading from the lefties on the Drudge is nothing much more than what we, on the Right, are saying about -- and to them.
      Hope I'm wrong, but I think at the rate we're going that we're due for another war -- a CIVIL war, and it'll be take no prisoners.

  3. "a CIVIL war, and it'll be take no prisoners.

    I have nothing to lose, whatsoever, so I'm in!!!

    1. Deal like I had with a buddy in Nam: I live, you die -- I get your bike.