28 June 2012

Just Another One Of Those Nasty, Slutty Internet Pictures.


  1. OK, now I have to get another keyboard.

    1. Not to mention a new monitor! LMAO!

  2. Maybe Chief Justice Roberts like our Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama has never read the Declaration or the Constitution. I am so upset at what is going on I'm at a loss for words!
    The levels of corruptions, thuggery, and lawlessness are unimaginable.

    Perhaps on this Independence Day,Our Dear Leader as well as Chief Justice Roberts needs to re-read, and think about, our Declaration of Independence..

    I wonder if these people that voted for the Dog Eater are happy now that they gave us We got to the bottom of the barrel..
    Happy Independence Day, to my fellow Conservative Americans! The rest of you, I hope you are satisfied with what you have done to this Country.

    When you talk to a Progressive get in their face and tell them that you don’t want them taxing us and taking our freedoms away. Let them know that we will confront their power grab even if they lie, cheat, and steal! And see if they care! They don't!