23 June 2012

A Little Something To Occupy (Pun Intended) Your Weekend.

You Might Want To Have Something Else Lined Up, ‘Cause This Won’t Take Long.

The object of the game is to destroy American capitalism by having the government take over everything.

Wanna play?


Too bad. 

You’re already playing; you just don’t know it.

By the way... you’re not  winning!

(A wave of the American flag to JonBerg for sending this to me. Thanks, JB!)


  1. I've sort of wondered if the money that is used to play includes a $3 Bill bearing his portrait?

    1. Hmmmm... probably so, JB.
      I think the main currency that's used is food stamps. Wonder if they've got his little girly girl face on them yet?

  2. M4e,

    If they don't have his [nauseating] face on them they are missing a golden opportunity!

  3. And yet some liberal idiot had the stupidity to post the following!

    Found on Liberal Blog!

    "Everything about Mitt Romney is fake....the more I see of him the sicker I become. There's not an ounce of patriotism in Mitt Romney, he's a fraud. He is a coward, a liar, a fake and a fraud....Go ahead wingnuts, vote for this pitiful excuse for an American. But PLEASE tell us, in plain English, WHY you are voting for him, , WHAT will he do different, HOW will he grow the middle class, WHEN will those tax breaks to his cronies FINALLY kick in, and WHEN will the hiring begin?? You believe as soon as the black man is out of the White House all goodness and prosperity will spring forth? Millions of jobs will suddenly appear?

    The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer? OH Yea, that's it!! If the rich are doing so well why do they need governments help? Hmmm, that's something I can't quite figure out...Conservatives want the poor and helpless to get off their lazy asses and find work, stop being moochers, yet they never say that to the rich who have their hands out accepting government subsidies....

    How dare the haters talk dirt on Barack Obama who has worked his whole adult life helping those less fortunate, how un-Christian of him! But show them a fake patriot, a draft dodger who encouraged others to enlist while he made excuses, a man who found joy in making millions while watching thousands lose their jobs.... oh you better believe he found joy in that!

    What a first class scum bag, Republicans poster boy...Willard Mittens Romney"

    1. Point 1) "...tell us in plain English why you're voting for him." -- Because he's not Obama... and it's been talked to death, in plain English, why (other than he's not Obama) we would vote for him. Evidentially, you don't comprehend plain English, so we'll move on to...
      Point 2) "...why do they need government[']s help." (I'll correct your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure as we go along since it appears that you have no concept of plain English.) -- 'They' don't need government's help. 'They' need government to stay the fuck outta 'their' business so that 'they' can get back to producing, manufacturing and putting people back to work. 'They' would be employing real people who need, and want, real jobs. Unlike those people (much like yourself, I would imagine) who have been on the government tit ever since they got off their momma's.
      Point 3) "...Barack Obama[,] who has worked all his adult life helping those less fortunate..." -- You know what, nimrod? I'm not even gonna dignify that one with an answer.
      Point 4) I really hope that you'll get psychiatric help soon. We're gonna need all the help we can get in the workforce, soon. First, we gotta get rid of the Three Stooges (Obama, Reid and Pelosi) and the Chicago Communist/Socialist/Marxist Mafia.
      My apologies to the Italian Mafia -- I'm sorry I took your name in vain.

  4. "Barack Obama who has worked his whole adult life helping those less fortunate"

    With some editing this becomes believable:

    Barack Obama who has worked [for the past three and a half years, causing all of us to become] less fortunate

    1. Ain't it amazing what a little re-write can do for a sentence structure?
      It's called "truthfulness" -- something we haven't had for three and a half years.