15 July 2012

And They Want 12 Years Of Romney’s Tax Returns?

Mystery seems to be a generational thing. Nearly a dozen aliases and at least two different Social Security numbers (with upwards of over 99 separate addresses) have been found for Ann Dunham, Obimbo’s mother. She did work for the ultra-liberal Ford Foundation and she may have earned some income from pornographic poses. The only real thing researchers have been able to find out about Obimbo’s mother is that she had close ties (smirk, smirk) to Frank Marshall Davis... and the fact she made porn. I’m pretty sure that’s a first for presidential mothers.


  1. Obama is getting tired of people who say that he doesn't have a birth certificate. He actually has several.

  2. B.O., in his entirety, is no more than the embodiment of all that has gone WRONG with this Country. The fact that he has been totally exposed as an inept fraud, but still maintains a following, bares this out.

    1. Afraid you're right, JB! While some of us cling to our bibles and guns, there are a lot of idiots out there that cling to the Tooth Fairy.

  3. LOL More Rightwingy lies are sure to backfire as usual...