07 July 2012

So Much For Obama Being The Intelligent One.

Obama: Confused About The Declaration (among other things.) 
By DAN RIEHL (breitbart.com)
Former President George W. Bush endured any number of insults to his intelligence while in office. It didn’t matter that he had graduated from both Yale and Harvard, worked in business, ran a Major League Baseball enterprise, or successfully served as a Texas Governor before being elected to a second term with a recording-breaking 69% of the vote. He was forever branded the dim bulb and hick from Texas, out of his league in the Oval Office. 
But that Barack Obama, he was the real deal -- a Constitutional scholar, despite his never actually having performed as one. Obama was just another Chicago machine politician before being elected president.

Given recent comments he made from the White House, Obama’s not much of a student of History, or human rights, either. '"In his remarks, Obama suggested that the Declaration (of Independence) was the first time the God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness had been "put to paper.'" 
While we may all love and embrace the recently celebrated Declaration of Independence, what Obama said of it simply isn't true. It's not even close. 
As it's primary author, Thomas Jefferson, acknowledged, the Declaration was never intended to be based upon original thinking ... or writing. It was meant to express the "American mind," developed from and based upon centuries of thinking and writing, all of it well documented and commonly known. 
As Jefferson wrote in 1825, "'All its authority rests then on the harmonizing sentiments of the day, whether expressed in conversation, in letters, printed essays, or in the elementary books of public right, as Aristotle, Cicero, Locke, Sidney, &c.'" 
What it simply was not is the first time the God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were ever "put to paper," as Barack Obama more than implied. 
Just like Chris Matthews, when I read the following, I get 'this thrill going up my leg' -- 
So much for the notion liberals would have Americans believe, that we’ve finally elected some genius who can make all their big government plans and schemes work, despite their having failed miserably every time they’ve been tried by governments anywhere in the present, or past.
I don’t give Obimbo credit for many things. Hell, I don’t give him credit for ANYTHING! But, I will give Numbnuts credit for this... Obimbo’s got to be America’s quickest fucker-upper.


  1. I too will not give B.O. CREDIT, however, I will acknowledge that, what should be considered, a disproportionate number of the electorate who are:ignorant,lazy,chronically disgruntled,gullible,incongruous..............give him an EDGE! It used to be that the only places you would find charlatans like him were 'Medicine Shows' and other venues of scam. The fact that this one ascended to the Office of the United States Presidency justifies my comment, above.

    I'm JonBerg and I approve this message.

    1. I'm Chuck McCarroll and I MORE THAN APPROVE JonBerg's message!

      (I used to enjoy living on the EDGE. Since the EDGE seems to have taken on new meaning and it's now filled with... JB, you've got your description; I've got mine... SHITHEADS, now I gotta go find someplace else to flop.)

  2. I think everyone in America is actually dumber for having heard him say that. I award him no points, and may God have mercy on his soul.

    1. SW,

      " and may God have mercy on his soul."

      You are a much kinder person than me.

    2. Thanks, JB. I was gonna say the same thing but got interrupted.
      (With all my mental disorders, it doesn't take much for me to loose track of what I'm supposed to be doing and spin off to three or five other things.)

  3. A liberal thinks one is intelligent if they think as they do.

  4. W (Odie)

    I think you give them too much credit.

  5. You know what they say... Give credit where credit is due!