16 July 2012

Ask Harry Reid About Chinese Solar Panels.

I’m going to take the day off from bashing Obimbo. Yeah, it’s a hard thing to do, but I’m going to let Todd Cefaratti of The Tea Party.Net bash the second best person that I take great pleasure in despising... Harry Reid. Actually, it’s a close tie between Reid and Pelosi, but Reid’s got it today.
OK, the uniforms the US Olympic Team will be wearing in the London Games were made in China. They were not paid for with tax dollars but instead by Ralph Lauren who designed them and had them produced in one of his factories. It would have been nice to have them made here but thanks to overreaching unions, America really does not have much of a garment industry left. 
In an obvious pandering play to the union powers, Harry Reid was “outraged” by such a travesty. “The USOC should be embarrassed, they should be humiliated. ... Our athletes should not wear clothes manufactured in China.” He went on to say, “they should be placed in a pile and burned”. 
Forget for a moment how you feel about the uniform issue itself and consider Reid’s record on foreign manufacturing.  
Fact 1. The government gave now bankrupt solar panel manufacturer, Solyndra, nearly half a billion dollars for nothing. 
Fact 2. When Harry Reid pushed through funding and sweetheart land deals for a huge solar power generating facility near his home town in Nevada, the solar panels were purchased from his good friend, and Chinese manufacturing billionaire, Wang Yusuo. You guessed it, the panels installed in Nevada were made in China! 
I am sure it is a mere coincidence that Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, is employed as a lobbyist for the solar venture!
No need to thank me, folks. My duty and I saw it. I KNEW the lamestream media wouldn’t touch a story like this.


  1. "Open mouth, insert foot. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has raised a furor over the fact that the uniforms for the US Olympic Team are made in China. Which is to say: outsourced. (Snip) That would be the famous American designer Ralph Lauren. Who has a habit of outsourcing his clothes to places like China, Sri Lanka and El Salvador. Uh-oh. That would be the same Ralph Lauren who, according to the Federal Elections Commission, on May 7, 2012 -- barely two months ago -- contributed $35,800 to the Obama Victory Fund 2012"

    1. Aww, Ralph understands. It's all just bull shit, anyway.

    2. Besides, $35 thou is chump change to Ralphie.
      (Which reminds me -- I don't have A THING in my closet by Ralph Lauren.)