20 July 2012

LOST (Law Of The Sea Treaty) Is Where It Should Be... At DEEP SIX And LOST!

From politicalvelcraft.org
Obama’s U.N. Treaty Defeated & Officially Dead In The Water: (Law Of The Sea Treaty) Violates U.S. Constitution!

Well this is a relief. Jim DeMint’s website has announced that the Law of the Sea Treaty (and eco-nut treaty) is officially dead. It takes 67 senators to ratify a treaty, and with 34 senators opposing, the treaty has no chance of making it out of the Senate. 
With 34 senators against the misguided treaty, LOST will not be ratified by the Senate this year. 
Strong opposition is rising in the U.S. Senate to the U.N.’s Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) that would subjugate American sovereignty to the whims of an international tribunal. To date, 30 Republican senators have signed onto a letter opposing LOST. It takes 67 votes to approve treaties in the Senate, so only 34 votes are needed to ensure defeat of this misguided treaty. 
Why is LOST so harmful? 
  • It would act as a backdoor Kyoto Protocol, forcing us into cap and trade policies that would destroy jobs and harm our economy. 
  • It would cost the U.S. trillions of dollars in international royalties to nations including state sponsors of terror like Sudan and “socialistic, despotic or brutal governments in Belarus, Burma, China or Zimbabwe.” 
  • Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton warned it would embolden China, “constrain U.S. naval activities, and do nothing to resolve China’s expansive maritime territorial claims.”
  • Radical environmental groups have lined up in support of LOST.
  • President Ronald Reagan strongly opposed the treaty as a threat to U.S. sovereignty.
And the above reasons are just for starters!
For months, conservatives across the country have been calling and emailing their Senators in an effort to push them to oppose this UN treaty. Since then, a steady stream of Senators have come out in opposition to the dangerously-flawed treaty. 
Thanks to the dedication of conservatives..., thousands of phone calls went into offices of the Senators who had not yet signed onto the letter. And thanks to those calls, the final six Senators needed to stop the treaty indicated their opposition. 
President Obama and Senator John Kerry tried to hand over America’s sovereignty, but because of the hard work of grassroots conservatives..., our nation and economic future are more secure. 

Below is a list of Senators who have signed the letter or otherwise stated opposition:

And, as always, on the horizon is the ever-present UN’s “Let’s Legislate Gun Control In The Whole Friggin Galaxy.” On July 27th, with his ever-faithful side-kick, Hildegard “Hell on Earth” Clinton, Obimbo intends to sign a United Nations treaty that will legislate gun control in the United States and effectively repeal our Second Amendment. 

Guess again, all you Carters, Obimbos, Clintons and the rest of you New World Order nest of maggots that are out there sucking up good oxygen...

This is what stands in front of the UN and it makes me want to puke:

So, this would be my answer to the UN and anyone else who thinks I’ll give up my weapons:

How the hell we ever got involved with the UN is beyond me... OH!... Wait a minute... I remember, now!

Pardon me while I go toss my cookies. I always do that when I think of Liberal-Ass Democrats.


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  2. OK, maybe I'm a little paranoid but this "Treaty" seems to have one main objective and that is to neuter the US; the UN's biggest supporter.

    Anything that smacks of "international tribunal" has my COMPLETE NO! I would be in total favor of the US taking our 22% funding out of the UN and watching it die. It may have been a good idea but it has become worthless!!!

    1. Paranoia and common sense are two completely different things, JB.

  3. B.O., in his own little megalomanic mind, undoubtedly envisions himself as Secretary General of this cabal. After he finishes destroying this Country he can start on the rest of the World! BTW, I used the word "worthless" in reference to the UN; it must have been a 'senior moment'. I really mean a cess pool completely antithectical to the United States of America, hell-bent on 'biting the hand that feeds it'! Well, maybe that's not even strong enough.

    1. Cass pool... yeah, that's it! Cess pool!

    2. Oops... typo... "CEss" not "CAss."

  4. LOST has been in the offing for a long time--the Dark Side never gives up!!
    Get US out of the UN!!!

  5. I left a reply on your post, Carol.

    Semper Fi!