29 March 2012

You have to pass it to know what's in it, right? 

Justice Antonin Scalia asked whether the attorneys defending Obamacare expected them to read the entire bill.

You have to pass it to know what's in it, right? 
Ever given much thought as to WHY the Democrats are the ones who overwhelmingly seem to think these kind of things?

STOOPIDITY is the first thought that comes to my mind.


  1. Having participated in drafting legislation I can, unequivocally, guarantee that if, as reported, it's 2,700 pages long no body, I mean no one person, can possibly know what all is in it! Legislative gobbledygook is welfare for lawyers while, the 'Rules' of procedure, to implement legislation, are typically much more voluminous and serve to , feed armies of breaucrats.

    Healthcare costs could have have been mitigated by measures such as interstate marketing of insurance and 'Tort Reform', to name a couple, but that's not the way that Democrats do things. The result of which is chaos for now and very possibly for time to come!


    I'm waiting to hear the Botox Queen come up with something like: WE NEED TO RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA SO WE CAN FIND OUT WHAT HE HAS IN STORE FOR HIS SECOND TERM! It chills me to the bone!!!!!!

    DemoncRATS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lol - we need to elect him to find out what he's going to do. LOL.

    2. Sheesh, SW... that's a HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING thought!

  2. His failure (The Solicitor General) to make a good showing there will be a resume enhancer in the liberal community because "it was so hawd fow him, aww, you know how bad those mean repubwicans can be!"