27 March 2012

And If I Had A Son, He'd Look Just Like You, Little Girl.

The moron.


  1. He probably scared the crap out of her!

  2. "Pick this one for indoctrination training in Indonesia...same place I went and put her on the fast track for the white house....fix the birth certificate and learn from the mistakes with mine and....invite her to dinner."

    1. I hope she can fix a birth certificate better than what Obimbo has up there now. I wouldn't even dignify it (them -- there's been so many variations) as a "forgery." Forgeries, at the minimum, make a person pause and take a second glance (the type face, alone, gives it away -- it wasn't designed until the 80's.)
      I feel so sorry for the poor girl in the secretary pool who was given the assignment to "type up a birth certificate -- we need it by the end of the day." I'm sure that she met an untimely end -- dead men tell no tales, you know.