08 March 2012

Why Obimbo’s Energy Policy Won’t Work (As If We Didn’t Already Know.)

The policy of Obimbo and his administration to drive gas prices higher, in order to force a switch to green energy, was doomed -- and idiotic -- from the moment it was thought of. 


1) The “shortage” of gas/oil is only politically driven.  
2) It can be changed by another politician once Obimbo is gone (hopefully, VERY soon.)
Any industry that builds up “green energy” under Obimbo’s administration is on shaky ground, politically. The game is over as soon (again, hopefully, VERY soon) as Obimbo is gone... or when someone comes up with a better idea. Frankly, any idea -- as long as it’s not Obimbo’s -- is a “better idea.”

The only thing that would force a switch to green energy would be if there was an actual shortage of oil. And that is the furthest thing from the truth. 

Back in the early 60’s, I was reading an Oil and Gas Journal article. The engineer/geologist was writing about how, if we never bought another barrel of oil from another source, we had enough known fields and reserves to last us until well into the mid 2000’s. At that time, I couldn’t even comprehend “the mid 2000’s!”

Remember, he was writing about “known” fields at that time. Remember, also, he was talking about using OUR own oil. Think of all the fields discovered since that time.

Now, there’s a study being done on “renewable” oil and gas and it seems to be proving more than a theory. “Renewable” meaning that certain fields (after becoming unproductive, to a certain degree) are being replenished by Earth, itself. I’ve always had a problem with the “Fossil Fuel” concept, anyway. I just never could figure out how that many dinosaurs and vegetation could die off to produce as much oil and gas that we have that’s “known.”

Go figure.
So, in terms of an energy revolution, this is idiotic at best. If you want people to have the money to invest in a new product, you don’t generate it by killing your economy and politically propping up an industry that’s going to blow over the moment the political winds shift.

Basically, all this amounts to is that Obimbo hates America and that we’re all going to suffer as long as he’s in office -- as if we didn’t already know that.


  1. 1) B.O.'s Sec. of Energy, who said we should be paying European prices for gasoline,
    doesn't own or drive a car!

    2) Here is an explaination as to how crude oil may, actually, be renewable:


  2. "I’ve always had a problem with the “Fossil Fuel” concept, anyway. I just never could figure out how that many dinosaurs and vegetation could die off to produce as much oil and gas that we have that’s “known.”

    I also wonder why coal and crude oil (in situ) are not, necessarily, found in close proximity given that conventional thinking is their formation is the "die off" of vegitation and dinosaurs. It's quite likley that coal is formed from vegitation. I'm also sure that the sustenance of dinosaurs required copious vegetation, however, while Saudi Arabia, for example, is awash in crude oil,I find no evidence of the existence of coal there! I'm not trying to make a point but merely posing a question. If there is a geologist in our midst I would like to hear more!

  3. JonBerg, PO 2, USN10 March, 2012 00:54

    Photo to the right could have (SHOULD HAVE) been on a RECRUIT POSTER!

    1. My Gunny Bickley would have been proud to have known you, JB, PO2, USN!
      Semper Fi!

  4. We helped but you did the best! No doubt, Devil Dog! I only wish some others could, possibly, realize it! Thanks for NEVER allowing it to be forgotten!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey M4e,

    I appreciate your comment but all I ever did was assure that the navightional equipment worked for the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla . It was just kind of a job,no heroics there! I can imagine and appreciate what you did!

    1. Negative on that, Sergeant... CRAAAP! ... I mean PO2! We ALL had a job to do -- like a fine-tuned machine! (That's why we called Mother Green the GREEN MACHINE.) In all branches of the service -- All Gave Some, Some Gave All. I loved the Navy (my dad was a Navy pilot in WWII) and ALL my buddies joined the Navy when we got out of high school. I ALWAYS was the dumbass in the group.
      No heroics on MY part, or I'd have ribbons 4-deep on my chest. A lot of my heroes are on The Wall.
      Semper Fi, PO2 JonBerg.