25 March 2012

I’m So Proud Of My Little Sis!

Obimbo Gets The Day Off ’Cause It’s Family Bragging Time!

My little sister, Nancy Ann, called me at 0632 this morning to ask me where she could get this tee.

Then, she proceeds to tell me she is now exercising her 2nd Amendment rights! Yep, she and my brother-in-law, Gene (who’s been carrying FOREVER) went down to the local armory and got this beautiful piece of firepower. 

And, no, she doesn’t load the S&W .38 Special with the candy. That’s a little gift she leaves with the perp if she gets messed with (along with a couple of holes from +P JHPs.) Yeah... sorta like the candy they leave on your pillow at night in those fancy hotels. Nancy Ann is nothing but pure class!

From now on, I’m gonna call her --

Next, I guess she’ll be wanting this one --

You can consider this video from my friends at TIGER Valley (a firearms and operational skills training facility located in central Texas) as being a little early or a little late. The message is still the same!

You just don’t want to mess with Nancy Ann[ie] Oakley!


  1. That is sooooooooo sweet, Mac!! And you are the ONLY person who has ever called me "Nancy Ann"...I like it!!

    And I DO like being the Annie Oakley of the family. Would the original Annie approve? Probably if she knew her son, the Marine, approved! o:)

  2. "the S&W .38 Special"

    Sweet-don't leave home without it!