04 March 2012

Putin Wins Six More Years At Kremlin!

Yep! A crawl just popped up on my computer announcing Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir's ascension to president. So, now, his placeholder for the past four years can go back to the salt mines from whence he came.  

And, like, I wouldn't have bet the farm that the (rigged?) voting would have been any different?

Let's keep this in mind: 

Vladimir Putin spent 17 years with the Soviet KGB. He didn’t get to where he is today by helping little old ladies across the street. On Putin’s watch, during his KGB days and after, a LOT of people are spending their time in Siberia (if they’re lucky) or have come up dead or missing. Communism in Russia may be history; but the gosbezopasnost (the Kremlin’s political police) has taken over the Kremlin itself, and a gang of over 6,000 former KGB officers are now running the country. I guess you know what that means.

During a press interview with President Putin, a reporter referred to his career as an ex KGB agent, Putin laughed and said there is no such a thing as an ex KGB, “Once KGB always KGB.” (Something about that quote rings a bell with me.) 

There are a WHOLE LOT of ‘Vladimir Putins’ out there. I just use him as an example because there are others that come from different races, different cultures and different countries and they all have one objective in mind -- bootheels on the neck of America.

This is life, folks, and only the strong survive. Or, only the strong survive along with the well-heeled... as long as the money holds out. The ONLY thing that I’ve known that ever insured peace was having superior fire-power. 

Look at the pictures and compare the men (well, at least one of them is a man) and tell me which one is going to win in a hand-to-hand combat situation.

Look at the pictures and compare them as if they were America and some other foreign power(s). 

The pictures become not so humorous, but scary, huh?

It's "our gay... uhh, guy" that's determined to dismantle our nuclear arms and it's "their guy" that's JUST AS DETERMINED to build up THEIR nuclear arms.

Look at the pictures and compare them again.

Sleep well tonight, America -- Israel is about the only one that has our back.


  1. OK,but I've never considered "our guy", as portrayed in today's post, as really being our guy. He's, of course, the President of the country in which I reside but he isn't MY GUY! While "their guy" and "our guy" are outwardly different, I'm not sure that their goals for the respective countries aren't about the same;more government control, less freedon as THEY usurp more and more power!

    1. Those that live by the sword, die by the sword. Vladimir Putin rules Russia. The acts of his penis and the sword will take him down eventually. It is better to have a more cerebral leader like Obama who will take the higher ground. We certainly do not need another George Bush, DIck Cheney, or reckless Mitt Romney.

    2. @ ronben -- "...more cerebral leader like Obama..."
      Maaaan, you must be snorting the same stuff as Obamohammad.