23 March 2012

This Is Pretty Upsetting!

I’ve done nothing but give it every ounce of my strength to ridicule, despise and -- in every way that I humanly know how --  to diss the Chief Lunatic of the United States. 

I’ve spent countless hours submitting all kinds of stuff to the moron’s Website, ‘AttackWatch.’ (In case you don’t know about it, ‘AttackWatch’ is Obimbo’s answer to the Nixon era of the ‘enemies list.’ The site is designed to ‘fight the smears’ against the ‘president’ -- you don’t know how hard it is for me to use the term, ‘president.’) 

‘AttackWatch’ is also the only Website to have the distinction of becoming the joke of the Internet in less than 24 hours. Actually, it’s a pretty neat site ’cause it’s FUN to play with. You can go to ‘AttackWatch.com’ and leave all kinds of messages and links -- that link back to the idiot and his staffs’ pages. It’s probably an exercise in futility, though.  I really don’t think there’s a one of ‘em that’s caught on to what’s happening.

My whole site, ‘I’m Not Drinking Obama’s Kool-Aid!,’ has been set up for the sole purpose of ridiculing, despising and -- in every way that I humanly know how --  to diss the Chief Idiot of the United States. 

I mean, I have literally busted my ass -- and what thanks do I get?

All I got was this lousy tee-shirt!


  1. Q: "and what thanks do I get?"

    A: MINE!

    1. Thank you, JB.
      I'd rather have yours, anyway!

  2. Where can I buy one?

    1. You can't BUY one, Gene.
      You have to have been "visited" by the FBI and Homeland Security during so many given days per month.
      A second requirement is, you MUST have had a MINIMUM of having your front lawn designated as a target LZ twice every three months.
      Good luck, Gene, and God speed.

  3. Replies
    1. Welcome aboard, TDDW.
      I'll try to not let you down. As hard as I work at it, though, I can't seem to find enough crappy things to say about The Anointed One and his/her/its Mafia Marxists administration. (As always, apologies to the Italian Mob for using your name in vain.)

  4. TDDW,

    I think that we are like minded. Is there some way I may comment on your blog? It seems that it's interdicted due to some
    B.S. that disalows free access. I like your blog and would like to participate! See, all I have to do is select my profile and " away we go". Why not yours? Sorry, M4e, I didn't know how else to get the attention of the Administrator, at hand!