11 February 2012

Vote For ME!

Why the hell NOT?! (I think I'll use this as my new campaign slogan. Catchy, huh?!)

I’ve probably got about as much sense, and 
I can be just as big a grease ball, as the rest of the politicians. AND, I have a better platform... NOTHING. 

I’m not going to lie and tell you stuff that you want to hear -- THEN, when I get into office, make a killing off of you. Straight out... if I get elected, it's gonna be ALL about ME.

I've even made you up a bumper sticker (below) that you can use. Just cut it out and slap it on that 4x4 and you’re good to go! (With apologies to Rick Santorum. Sorry, Rick. 

Nothing personal, it's just politics.) 

Why reinvent the wheel? 

See... I’ve saved you money already!

While we’re talking about money, send me any cash you can. It’ll help support my Dr Pepper habit and put diesel in my truck. I take all the major cards (or, whatever else you've got) -- but, I’d rather have cash. Cash is easier to hide from the IRS.

No campaign is complete unless you diss the other guys. And Obimbo is soooo EASY to diss. AND I've already sent this to his "Attack Watch" site (joke of the Internet -- if it's still even up -- bwah-hahahahaha!) so that he and Homeland Security can keep up-to-date with what I'm doing.

While you’re at it, check out the Democrats/Obimbo new info site.

Okay. So, here’s the official disclaimer and stuff you've got to have at the bottom so that it makes it look legit:

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