18 February 2012



  1. Is not the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces of the United States of America?

    Is not the Marine Corps motto,

    'Semper Fidelis' - Always Faithful?

    What should happen to a Marine if he or she should insult or bad-mouth a superior officer?

    You can like, or dislike, President Obama all you want, but the honour of the USMC insists you respect him as your superior officer. If you do not, then the Upsilon Sigma Mu Chi Fraternity is nothing but a bunch of thugs and criminals!

  2. For active duty personnel, respecting the Office is a matter of protocol. For those of us who are Honorably Discharged, respecting the current [occupant] would amount to no more than total obfuscation of the truth!

  3. Upon further consideration: Can you just imagine this CLOWN in Chief leading the ‘charge’? Thank you, Cuddly Aquarian, so much for fulfilling my wish for Saturday morning comic relief!



    Are you sure that you didn't mean to say: Chicago Politicians are "nothing but a bunch of thugs and criminals"?

  5. @ Aquarians Love To Cuddle -- (I can tell already, you must be a work of art.)

    But back to the subject at hand... I've probably answered you dips a thousand times and my reply will ALWAYS be the same: When Obimbo first took the office, I was asked what I thought of my new Commander In Chief (even though I was no longer in uniform.) My reply was that HE was not MY Commander In Chief.

    In the military, we are taught that you salute the rank, not necessarily the man. HOWEVER, Obimbo is the exception to the rule. I WOULD NOT salute that sonofabitch!

    If I were still in the Corps, I would still obey all lawful orders given to me by anyone that was one stripe over me. Understand this -- that’s up to, but NOT including, Obimbo.

    If I were still in uniform and he came up to me and just wanted the time of day, I’d spit in his eyes, do a smart about-face and march myself to the brig AND I’d enjoy doing my 20 years of hard-time with the satisfaction of knowing what I had done.

    Note, dippy, this comes from ME -- NOT the Marine Corps.

    Now, go cut out some more paper-dolls -- or, whatever it is you pieces of worthless human excrement do. By the way, I looked up your blog and since you love to fuck so much, go hammer a nice donkey dick in your fuckin' mouth, you stutterin' clusterfuck.

    Oh yeah... SEMPER FI!, shit head.

  6. Hey did you check out ALTC,? It's some cunt from India! Wow, we should take our marching orders from them ?????? OMG!

  7. Yeah, JB, but I never could figure out if ALTC was a he/she/it. But I did kinda like the ending line to the Marine Corps Hymn:
    "We will fight our country's battles
    And piss on the dead Hadji."

    Gotta give him/her/it credit for that one!

  8. I love when people talk shit but hide behind a user name