04 February 2012

You Can Be Really Creative...

...If You Don’t Toss Your Cookies While Having To Work With The Subject Matter.

There’s a Web site that has a contest where contestants use Photoshop to build a picture on a theme that the Web site selects. One of the themes was to build a picture that says “Goodbye to Nancy Pelosi” after she was no longer Speaker of the House. 

The only thing the contestants were given was this picture to work with.

Yep, that's pretty scary, huh?!

This was the winning entry!

By the way -- since Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House, she's had to give up her private jet. This means she’ll be flying Southwest from now on because “Bags Fly Free.”

Here’s another gross one... belcho... and I can pretty well tell you that this WAS NOT done in Photoshop; remember who we’re talking about. 

Now -- let your mind run wild. I’ve gotta go wash my eyes out with bleach.


  1. Eye-Wash yes, but I must go for Mouth-Wash after puking my guts out upon looking at the last photo. Woops, I didn't make it and now I need a new key board, chunks of undigested food clogging the works ,damnit Devil Dog! That one should hang in the Smithsonian as the worst of whatever happened to this Nation! Of course,given their aspirations, there will be no Nation; as we know it!

    1. Yeah, JB -- I've heard they only do tongue kisses on the elevator.

  2. Tonge kiss dotimvomcfo,ofmudasras gaaaaaorcbksacsssieeer boolpggisssa s fotp gagaaaaaasssss blaopoppplikinging gag gag gag! up slurppppppp barffffff!!!!!!!!

    1. Sorry, JB... sometimes I just can't help myself.