20 February 2012

Happy Presidents' Day!

Here's To Ya, Obimbo!

AND... to some of the other great socialist pieces of crap, like: Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson (may you all rot in hell.) 

Of course, we can't forget about Little Jimmy Carter -- so stupid that he was dangerous and now he's so stupid that he's just senile. 

Oh yeah, and don't forget our FIRST real BLACK president -- Bill Clinton!


(Hey, AttackWatch, you gettin' all of this?!)

Makes ya proud to be an American, don't it?


  1. "Happy Presidents' Day"

    I wonder if we will see the "NARCISSIST IN CHIEF" in our face today? How could he pass up such an opportunity to remind us of his greatness and his need for a 2nd term?

    1. How could it NOT happen? He gets more face time on TV than the local weather man.