16 September 2011

My Ambition While Obimbo Is...

... WHATEVER he is, is to make his newly launched web site... ATTACK WATCH.

Attack Watch is Obimbo’s answer to the Nixon era of the 'enemies list.' Yep, it’s a site designed to ‘fight the smears’ against the ‘president’ (you don’t know HOW HARD IT IS for me to use the term, ‘president.’)

Attack Watch was first brought to my attention by, none other than, FORGER - Racist TEAhadi. Thanks, FORGER! (By the way, FORGER’S web site is... uhhh... probably X rated by some. Aw hell, I’ll give him XXX! So, consider yourself warned.)

Attack Watch is a site where any liberals that you might know, can rat you out.

Actually it’s a pretty neat site ‘cause it’s FUN to play with. You can go to Attack Watch.com and leave all kinds of messages and links -- that link back to the idiot and his staffs’ pages. However, like what's said below, irony is lost on these people.

The way I did it was to give ‘em the site that was smacking Obimbo ( I used his own, “http://www.barrackobama.com”) and below it the message, “You know how you know Obimbo is lying? His lips are moving... the site is full of lies!!” Then I put Obimbo’s email address (comment@whitehouse.gov) where it says “Your email address.”

Here are some testimonials and other creative ways to do it: 

I logged in and reported myself for telling the truth about the SCOAMF. I am waiting for further instruction... @ http://tiny.cc/attackwatch2 
BTW, Irony is lost on these people... http://tiny.cc/kte1r
(Note from M4e: you’ll have to go to FORGER’S site to see what SCOAMF means. But, you GOTTA go to the above links... they’re great.
I told them I touch myself while thinking of Frank Marshall Davis. No sign of the black helicopters yet, but I’m hopeful. 
The Daily Caller is one of 19 accounts -- and only one of seven news organizations -- followed by Attack Watch on Twitter. 
The first seven Twitter accounts followed by Attack Watch were people or offices associated with the White House or Obama’s reelection campaign. The next two, in order, are Drudge Report and The Daily Caller. 
I really, REALLY want to be in that number!

Hey... I think I hear a black helicopter touching down in the front pasture!


  1. Good Post DD!

    My first observation is the format’s chromatography of the Nazi flag. The inspiration of this smacks of, but is not limited to: the Gestapo, the KGB, the Stasi and prognostications of George Orwell! I didn’t go further into the site for fear of exposing my identity but sooner or later some @$$#0!e will probably turn me in anyway! I’m sure that B.O.’s minions would dismiss my concerns as an “over reaction”.

  2. Don't worry, JB. The minions are too busy trying to figure out "Whaaat's happeninnn'?!"

  3. WHOA... I get a trip-X rating from a Gyrene?? And I haven't even posted any of the "Dog and Pony Show" pix from Tijuana yet..

    High praise indeed.

    I dig the V.C. Hunting Club logo.

    HM1 Dad earned hisself 2 "Enemy Marksmanship" medals in 'Nam from getting shot in the ass while dragging Jarheads outta the shit.

    I gotta go cruise the Football Stadium. THE local rivalry game is going on tonight, and they serve a killer BBQ, and I gots to get me some, so I'll be back in a few...

  4. FORGER, I can't even put into words what your dad, as a Corpsman, was to us and what he meant to us. If he's still with us, tell Doc, "Semper Fi" for me. If he's not, I'll see him in Heaven -- we spent our time in hell.

    Thanks for the thumbs up on the VC logo. Before and after the Corps, I was what's better known as 'oil field trash.' With the oil patch it's either boom or bust. After a few 'busts,' I got into graphic design because... I needed the money.

    Hope your team KICKED SOME SERIOUS ASS and you filled up on killer BBQ!


  5. "...I got into graphic design..."

    Would you be willing to apply your Grafix-Fu to my icon and make it more OD/Brown/black/subdued GI looking??

    I have bigger ones I can send if you're willing.

  6. My pleasure, FORGER! Send me examples of what you want and I'll do a fire for effect on it till we get it the way you want it. Use my email address... it's up at the top. Just put the "@" sign in it and we're in the X ring.