14 September 2011

Obama's Scripture Reading Turns My Stomach.

I didn't watch the Sunday 9/11 dedication ceremony. Purposely. I KNEW it was going to be about Obimbo. Evidently, I wasn’t disappointed.

During the ceremony, my wife came in to tell me that Obimbo was quoting scriptures from the Bible. I told her that he wasn’t quoting scriptures -- he may be READING them off the teleprompters, but he sure wasn’t QUOTING them and that he wouldn’t know the Bible from a Bugs Bunny comic book.

Later, I passed through the room where she had the TV on. By this time she had muted the TV. She's pretty tolerant so that should tell you something. 

As I passed by the screen, all I could see was this smug, holier-than-thou, smirking face taking up three quarters of the image space. She was working on her laptop and not paying any attention. I stood there for couple of seconds watching this narcissistic, condescending idiot and said what I always say when numb nuts is on -- "One day, I’m gonna take my shotgun and blow the living hell outta it when he’s on!" She didn't even look up. She’s gotten used to me saying that. But, ONE DAY...

I'll let someone else take it from here. This describes it so much better -- mainly, because this person sat through it.

I watched the 9/11 dedication ceremony on Sunday and got sick to my stomach when President Obama started reading Scripture.  I wanted to shout out: HYPOCRITE!  FAKE!  and FRAUD! 
I'm sure you’re all familiar with the saying, 'actions speak louder than words'. Since taking office, Obama's actions have been overtly anti-Christian and pro-Muslim. He professes to be a Christian, yet everything he says and does is Muslim. 
On top of his Muslim affinity, his lack of sincerity also came through as he stood before the crowd.  He had that typical smug Obama look as if to say, 'hey everybody, look at me and what I’m doing'. Michelle Obama was at his side with an equally smug look on her face as she absorbed all of the attention. 
On the flip side, you could see the emotions on the faces of former President George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush, as she wiped tears from her eyes. 
The difference between the two couples was so obvious that no one could miss it. Besides, what did Obama do for the 9/11 victims and families of victims other than support the building of a mosque next to the site where Muslim terrorists murdered their loved ones? 
I was so glad when the coverage of the ceremony ended and I no longer had to view the arrogance of the Obamas and listen to any more of his hypocrisy. 
The only problem I have with the article is, “He professes to be a Christian, yet everything he says and does is Muslim.” I don’t think that’s right. Not the part about his professing to be a Christian... he’s no more a Christian than I am a tree frog. It’s the Muslim part. I don’t believe he’s Muslim, either -- if that’s what’s being eluded to. He ALIGNS himself with Muslims because it’s in his best interests. 
He was raised by a mother with no faith, mentored, according to Dreams from my Father, by communist-atheist Frank Marshall Davis. His earliest work was with radical-anti-God- Alinsky community organizers who counseled him to join a church if ever he expected to make progress in the Black Community.  It would seem to many then, that as a means to an end, he spent twenty years at Jeremiah Wright’s Church, supporting all forms of abortion and homosexual rights, listening to Louis Farrakhan’s hate-filled rhetoric, praised by the adulterous, flamboyant, Pastor Wright.
As far as religion... I’m more than convinced that he has none. Well, other than "Narcissism."

But HERE’S the REAL kicker:

In spite of pleas by Christian and Jewish clergy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg steadfastly refused to allow those who had brought spiritual comfort during the 9/11 tragedy to participate in the ten year Memorial at Ground Zero. The Mayor hadn't always felt that way. His first inclination was to include Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Muslim Imam who fought to build a Mosque at Ground Zero. But since the outcry against that was great, the Mayor decided to eradicate all expressions of faith, including prayers. 
"Rather than have disagreements over which religious leaders participate, we would like to keep the focus of our commemoration ceremony on the family members of those who died," Bloomberg spokeswoman, Evelyn Erskine told AP.
I wish I could have seen Bloomberg’s face when Obimbo started salivating with words from the Christian Bible and quoted, "The God of Jacob is our fortress."
The God of Jacob? The God of Jacob is not Allah or Buddha or the Hindu Monkey God. He is the God of Jews and Christians.... 
President Obama has told us on more than one occasion, we’re no longer a Christian nation. "We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, and a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers." 
He even instructed his staff to cover a cross at Catholic Georgetown, so it wouldn’t hang behind him as he spoke. But in a strong voice at Ground Zero, he assured the bereaved audience, "The God of Jacob is our fortress." It’s a good thing Feisal Abdul Rauf was not on the platform. 
Barack Obama surely knew Mayor Bloomberg had banned expressions of faith. Did he read this Biblical passage to fill a necessary void? Did he read it out of strong personal conviction that the God of Jacob should be exalted above all Gods? Or did he do it because it was a perfect twist at an opportune time to get his slumping poll numbers up in a huge constituency from which he needs support?
My money goes on “because it was a perfect twist at an opportune time to get his slumping poll numbers up in a huge constituency from which he needs support.” 

That, and his Obimbonistic “I’ll show you that I can do anything I want to do!” narcissistic, condescending, nappy-headed little self.

But, I guess I’ll have to admit that God DID speak that day, and through a most UNLIKELY source. 

The kiddin' part of it is, that unlikely source -- with his nappy little head -- is probably still wondering, "Uuuh... whaaat happened?!" All of which goes to prove... 

The Lord DOES work in mysterious ways.

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  1. I read that he was baptized in the Church of Narcism!