02 September 2011

Talk About ‘Tough Love!’

This strays from Obimbo bashing, but the headline from an Australian newspaper caught my eye this morning.
Shamed Libyan dad’s ‘honour’ killing 
A Libyan father killed his three daughters after pro-Gaddafi soldiers raped them, in an attempt to rid the family of the shame, a human rights group says. 
Soldiers raped the sisters aged 15, 17 and 18 , in the town of Tomina, east Libya, US-based Physicians for Human Rights said. 
When they returned home, their father slit their throats in what the rights group said was most likely an honour killing.

Yeah, it takes a ‘MAN’ to do that.

And that’s the difference between Eastern and Western cultures.

I might never know who did it to my daughters, but I’d have 12 heads stuck on a pole outside my front door -- four for each daughter that was violated.

But it takes a REAL ‘MAN’ to kill his own family because HIS ‘honour’ had been sullied.

What I’d like to know is, where the ‘MAN’ was while all this was going on.

In the same article, the joke of the day.
A leaked document drafted by a Libya taskforce reporting to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called for up to 200 military observers and 190 UN police to help to stabilise the country.
Ummm-huhhh. The UN comes to save the day, AGAIN. With those numbers (especially from the UN,) there should be no fear of rioting in the streets.

Let’s re-cap this: The UN (along with U.S. aid) has help the rebels topple a leader that’s been in power 40+ years. The rebels now have pretty much control of the country. The rebels are... who ARE the rebels? There’s a sneaking suspicion that they came from, and were armed by, Iran. And there you have it. YET another Jimmy Carter moment. And THANK YOU, Obimbo.
I will ALWAYS manage to diss Obimbo. ALWAYS.


  1. Hey Ga-Daffy, good question,d@mn good question!

    B.O. Answer: Clueless Constituency; Ha, Ha!

  2. B.O. Answer Part 2: In the words of his mentor; "What, Me Worry?"