15 September 2011

Memorials Set As Former Marine Gets Medal Of Honor.

I’ll make this short and sweet.
President Barack Obama will bestow the medal at a White House ceremony. The two have also met privately, having a beer on a patio outside the Oval Office on Wednesday. 
“Over the weekend, the President’s staff called Meyer in preparation for Thursday’s Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House. Meyer asked the staffer if he could have a beer with the President. POTUS invited Dakota to come by the White House this afternoon,” spokesman Jay Carney tweeted. 
Full story at foxnews.com.
This is the second Medal of Honor to be bestowed on members of our fighting forces during the Obimbo administration regime. While I can’t speak for Sgt. Giunta, USA, who was the first recipient -- evidently, I can’t speak for Sgt. Dakota Meyer, USMC, either. Sgt. Meyer ASKED to have a beer with the Commander in Chief Idiot in Chief.

I’ve ALWAYS maintained that, were I still in uniform, I would follow orders -- without question -- from my lowest superior NCO up to the Commandant of the Marine Corps. The line would stop with CiC IiC Obimbo. If Obimbo were to ask to shake my hand, I would look him square in the eyes, spit in his face, do a smart about-face and march myself to the nearest brig to do my 20 years at hard labor... and enjoy every minute of it knowing that I got to do it! 

Too bad the Medal of Honor had to be desecrated by -- NOT my CiC IiC -- Obamanure. Frankly, had I been Sgt. Giunta or Sgt. Meyer, I would have asked if the gardener -- or someone on the cleaning staff -- be allowed to do me the honors. 

If not, then just mail it to me.


  1. Yeah, that’s as bad or worse than Draft Dodger-In-Chief, Bill Clinton! What an awful thought!

  2. Semper Fi SGT. Meyer. You are a better Man than I am. I woulda told SCOAMF to pound that medal up his fuckin' muzz ass.

    And I would have done it via some kind of messenger because I cannot trust myself to be that close to that piece of shit w/o violence ensuing...

    HM1 Dad and the US Army taught me to respect the Rank/Office, but I can't do either w/ the fuck-stool commie...* that infests 1600 Penn. Ave.

    (*Even after having grown up and lived in a family of Military NCOs, I cannot come up with invective suitable to describe SCOAMF. The foul language suitable to describe it has not been invented yet.)

  3. YEAH... I was gonna say that too, FORGER! Thanks for adding that in!