22 September 2011

Perry Pummels ‘President Zero’ In Latest Campaign Video.

All I can say is...YEEEEEEES!

Texas governor and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry released an epic video this morning, attacking President Obama for his lack of leadership and mishandling of the economy. 
At one point in the video, the montage of news clips call President Obama ‘President Zero.’ 
Perry, who announced his candidacy at the RedState Gathering in Charleston, S.C. has seen a meteoric rise in the polls, and actually leads former Massachusetts govenor Mitt Romney in today’s Rasmussen Reports poll of Likely GOP voters by a 28%-24% margin. 
The Michael Bay-esque video titled ‘Proven Leadership’, may look familiar to students of viral political videos and that’s because, according to POLITICO, the video was created by Lucas Baiano, the former video maestro for Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. Before Pawlenty dropped out of the race, his videos were seen as his strongest asset, and with Baiano jumping over to Perry, expect the Texan to keep producing these very well done and inspiring videos.

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YEEEEEEES! It's about time we got somebody to go to DC that's got a Man Card.

Actually, Perry is being much too kind in calling Obimbo 'President Zero.'  I can think of a WHOLE LOT of other descriptions for the nappy-headed little girl.


  1. Great Post! I can think of nothing to add.

  2. I'm with the Morons @ Ace's Place, EVERY response to every question in these GOP "debates" should be prefaced w/, "Obama is a Stuttering Clusterfuck Of A Miserable Failure, and this is how I would unfuck his fuckups..."

    While the MFM desperately tries to protect SCOAMF and at the same time pick our GOP candidate for us, a` la Juan McPain 2008, SCOAMF and company continue to provide all the ammo we need to carry out an ARC LIGHT strike, but none of our nutless wonders will pull the trigger on them.

    If SOMEBODY doesn't start stomping on SCOAMF's nuts, I'm afraid my liver is gonna pack up and move out between now and next November.

    And Gods and Goddess's help us during the lame duck Scorched Earth days between then and Jan. '13.....

  3. Ummm... after last night's 'Debate,' I'm thinkin' Perry shoulda called in sick. Maybe he was just having an off night, but he can't afford too many more.

    By the way, FORGER -- your logo needs HELP!

  4. Devil Dog,

    I’m with you. Perry, while being totally candid, should, as I said once before, moderate his delivery. I still think that he is on the right train but needs to not get off the right track. Take it from someone who grew up on the “wrong” side of the tracks!!

  5. And, speaking of gun* control (I call it the 2nd Amendment,) I still don't know where Mr. 'Kick Em In Tha Butt -- YeeHaw!' Perry stands on the subject. Since he seems capable of dispatching Wile E. Coyote** at the 500 yard line with his Ruger .380*** pocket pistol, you'd think kemo sabe would be all over that one with a mighty, "Hi-yo, Silver! Away!"

    You'd think.

    'Kick Em In Tha Butt -- YeeHaw!' has been given numerous affidavits (well, at least one that I know of) to sign on numerous times, to spell out where he stands on the issue, and to send back. He hasn't. I'm guessing that he's trying to put THAT issue off as long as he can so that he'll have a time to try to win over the bleeding-heart, tree-hugging, Save the Whalers. Good luck on THAT one, Lone Ranger.

    I sorta know where Romney is on the subject. He's pro 2nd Amendment -- sort of -- but has reservations about 'assault weapons.'**** I'll just leave it at that.


    *The term 'GUN control' just pisses me off. I HATE the way the term 'gun' is thrown around. It's a misnomer. A gun is a cannon. Not too many individuals have a cannon -- at least, that I know of.

    Naval battleships and certain other naval vessels have gun (cannon) batteries. Land field artillery units have guns (cannons.) Individuals have pistols and/or rifles.

    If anyone wants to argue the point -- take it up with my drill instructor. This subject, along with MANY other subjects on military protocol, was pounded (LITERALLY) into my head from the moment my feet hit the deck on those yellow footprints at Marine Corps Recruit Depot until I earned the title, United States Marine.

    For the sake of argument, I'll drop it.

    **'Coyote' -- Pronounced 'cow-oat' in West Texas. It's pronounced 'caa-o-tee' outside of West Texas and other foreign countries.

    ***Yeah, the '500 yard line' part was satire. But, the maximum effective range of a .380 (with a barrel length of 2.796" like the Lone Ranger was shooting) is about 25 yards... and that's pushing it. He's either a damn good shot or damn lucky -- or, a little of both.

    ****In my book, an 'assault weapon' is any weapon that's capable of SELECTIVE fire, i.e. single, 3 round bursts or fully automatic. Yeah, you can buy a license for one, but you're sure gonna be on the radar. These black 'assault weapons' that are single fire are no different than my deer rifles. As a matter of fact, I HAVE several of these 'assault weapons' that I use for deer hunting. Let's get one thing straight -- the 2nd Amendment AIN'T about deer hunting. The 2nd Amendment is about PROTECTION from the BAD GUYS... something, evidently, the Weenies Of The World have no concept of. Since I DO know about the bad guys and have had my share of experience with them (and I'm not talking about while I was in Viet Nam,) I'll do everything in my power to keep the 2nd Amendment intact. The Weenies Of The World can call a cop; when seconds count, the police are only moments away. When seconds count, I'll cowboy up and take care of it myself. When the calvary arrives, they can clean up the bad guys' mess (they nearly ALWAYS come in two or more) and NOT mine. Here's another one for you, Weenies Of The World -- when it hits the fan and as long as me or mine aren't in danger, YOU deal with it. YOUR fight will be YOUR fight and my fight will be mine.

  6. "The 2nd Amendment is about PROTECTION from the BAD GUYS... "

    I hate to disagree w/ a Jarhead, but the 2nd is not about just protection from "Bad Guys"...

    It PRIMARILY covers protection from the "Bad Guys" that make up our government..

    Just like the Italians we liberated from the fascists and Nazis in WWII said about themselves and all other peoples who were disarmed at the behest of their oppressive government, "DON'T LET THEM TAKE YOUR GUNS!!"

    I'll give you my gun... Bullets first. And what's left over from my beating you and your's to death with the still warm, empty frame, the rest you can take from my cold, dead hands...

  7. Sorry 'bout that, FORGER -- I thought that "it PRIMARILY covers protection from the 'Bad Guys' that make up our government," was to be understood. Bad sentence and paragraph structure on my part.