26 February 2012

SOMEBODY has to stay at home and protect the borders!

Arizona’s Brewer to Skip Obama’s Black-Tie Dinner At White House. 
Sunday, 26 Feb 2012 By Newsmax Wires

She and “Sheriff Joe” (Arpaio) have more cajones than all the DC elected officials COMBINED.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who faced off with President Barack Obama on an airport tarmac last month, won’t attend the National Governors Association annual black-tie dinner at the White House tonight.
Brewer said in an interview Saturday that she had a scheduling conflict.
Brewer . . . laughed when asked to identify her scheduling conflict.
I can think of more than a few other govs that ought to fire back an RSVP of, "Not just No, but HELL NO!"

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  1. She and "Joe" should have had him arrested when he was there ,for impersonating a President!